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[Forum Event] Autumn Reflections

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  • O hushed October morning mild,
    Thy leaves have ripened to the fall;
    Tomorrow’s wind, if it be wild,
    Should waste them all.

    server:S222 Cinderwood,


    • I like the Trees how they look like. the red, yellow and brown colors....
      and October is the best month

      IGN: Airtight
      Server: S184 Poisonous Abyss
      Character : Airtight
      Server : S184 (Poisonous Abyss)


      • october first join with LOA

        IGN :cratoz
        server :s167-sulley tavern


        • October is a month that means a lot to me in many ways. First, it's the month when I feel the first chill in the air. I love the coolness of it. Second, it's the month that signals that "blessings" from work are on the way. Not to mention, it's Octoberfest so fun times with friends over mugs of drinks is just around the corner. It's just one of the "ber" months that remind me that Christmas is near.

          IGN: Serafim
          Server: S87 Wildhammer Fold


          • October is the memories where I met my lover, and headdress and the month of October is the birthday of my girlfriend,
            so beautiful

            IGN :Azzaloth213
            server S213 city of gallow


            • For me October means that everything naturally turns to cool, colorful days. More over are the first inklinks that the years is coming to an end.
              It's the time when you get the vagues feeling that Christmas and New Year's Eve is just around the corner.

              IGN : Trotineta
              Server : s90 - Deathshage Lair
              Trotineta is the name
              LoA is the game
              S90-Deathsades Lair is my home
              I think my dog ate the bone


              • October, October.. I think I like more the rains.. That's somehow is making me happy

                [s205] Ivory Plains


                • On October the 14th is my birthday. It is a time for all my friends to gather and drink warm mulled wine to protect us from chilly weather while the rain is falling outside. The wine and the friendship keeps us warm and we make new memories while reminiscing the old ones :3

                  [S76] Lok Bridge, Mehghal


                  • First Comes in to my mind is October Comes with a Spooky with Chills from the wind.

                    IGN: Sixth
                    Server: S217-Burning Valley


                    • why and/or what October means
                      first is means fun and wach the world turn from one color to anther then it time to play on the day of the dead and then it time to wach for the snow and cold it a time for the earth to get redy to rest under blank it of snow

                      [S174] Copper Coast
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                      • When I think about October I am reminded of fall colors and Halloween. Trick or treating, jack-o-lanterns, costumes and lots of candy. A celebration in the remembrance of the dead.

                        IGN - Heisenberg
                        Server - S15 Mikaelas Revenge


                        • October is a very special month for me because its the month of my wife's birthday, my fathers birthday, and our wedding anniversary. I Love the month of October.

                          IGN - MaiyA
                          Server - S191 Dread Island


                          • OCTOBER FEAST IS UP

                            IGN - SANDEEP PC
                            Server - [S49] Evil Incarnate
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                            • October means Coffee to me since I have a lot of work at night.

                              IGN: ilmira
                              Server: 191 DreadIsland


                              • October to me brings many Nostalgic feelings. Halloween giving out candy with my great-grandmother. Cool friday nights playing football, and trips to the mountains watching the leaves paint the trees with their change.

                                IGN: Darkheart
                                Server: S112 Muatra's Truth