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[Forum Event] Start the New Year the Right Way!

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  • [Forum Event] Start the New Year the Right Way!

    Dear Heroes & Angels,

    The it's a brand new year and it's time to celebrate League of Angel's one year anniversary! First, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for all our wonderful players who have stuck with us through thick and thin. We know it's been rough at times, but we hope that in the coming year the game will continue to improve and provide hours upon hours of enjoyment for you all. If you have a special someone you'd like to begin the new year by thanking, encouraging, or simply reminding them you care let us know in the comments below! Now is the time to start the year out right!

    Reply to this thread from 2015.1.10 - 2015.1.25 based on the rules below to be rewarded.

    - Plagiarism is not allowed.
    - Replies that violate the R2 forum Rules will be deleted.
    - Be sure to include your character name and server in your reply.
    - Each character can only be rewarded once if s/he replies multiple times.
    - The rewards will be issued within 7 days after the event ends.

    • Enchanted Ore x300
    • Basic Energy Card (50) x1
    • Vouchers x500
    • Gold x1,000,000
    Click image for larger version

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    R2Games LoA Ops Team
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    Happy Birthday


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      I would like to thank the GM/Vets. They are often unappreciated, and I know I have even given a few of them a hard time when something hasn't gone right. They do the best they can. A special apology to VetRevana, to whom I gave a particularly hard time for the game's lack of clarity when purchasing a Valkyrie Crest with diamonds. I still don't understand why paying diamonds for the crest does not work when in the tavern it appears i could have waited and just spent Topaz Hero Souls. Nevertheless, Thank you VetRevana for looking into it for me. And Happy Anniversary League of Angels. -- Sylanthis, [S231] Withering Fen


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        well guess the biggest thank you goes to my family same as it does on each year . other than that i want to thank you to the people that made this game and continue to work on it , sure it has his ups and downs but overall and excellent way to kill the boredom also was a nice way to meet some cool people around . so yeah u know Thank You and Happy years to come . [S8] Captive Amora - Shado


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          I would like to say thank you to my bro and my friends without them the whole year would be a mess without real fun. And also thanks to the R2/Gtarcade dev team for the nice events, where a free player could race almost everytime for a little exta reward.

          Server: S8 - Captive Amora
          Char name: Staynight


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            I believe my sincerest thanks and my warmest appreciation be given to my family. Eurino, my brother, Edito my brother, Eulexa, my younger sister, Elijah, my younger brother and to my parents, mom, dad, thank you very much!
            With love,
            Chrono Valky of [S216] Abyss of Sithis


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              Thanks for nice work on moderator and GM side, and thanks to my parents who supported me during my studies in the university, without them i realy dont know what could i did with my life.

              Server: S43 - Israfil's Horn
              Character: Bartimaeus


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                Thank you R2 for the nice and competitive game , there could be some improvement but overall was a realy good year . Thanks for the new and fun events .. keep em coming!

                Server [8] Captive Amora
                IGN: Kiralyl
                Server [8] - Captive Amora
                IGN: Kiralyl
                Lvl 86 Mage 2.4m br


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                  And also I give thanks to everyone who made my year so fun. Friends, countrymen, I thank you!
                  With love,
                  Chrono Valky of [S216] Abyss of Sithis


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                    I would like to thank everyone that made this game possible, I enjoyed many hours on it , I'd also like to thank my friends and family for being so awesome.

                    Server: S371 - Centaurus
                    Char name: Menno


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                      To everyone who ever felt so down during last year's conceptualization, I be to encourage all to look on the positive side of life, thank the almighty and live as if it's the last day!
                      With love,
                      Chrono Valky of [S216] Abyss of Sithis


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                        I give thank to everyone of my age, living the life so much that we feel blessed and very happy about life. Think of becoming better!
                        With love,
                        Chrono Valky of [S216] Abyss of Sithis


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                          Related to the game, I'm thanking all R2 tams for the works, with so many complaint everyday but still try to give the best. Specially the mods AE86, Demon and Gurothos since they're the most often answering my posts. And Edge, really miss him around forum. Also all the elves and Serin that always giving me fast respond. And my best 2nd family, Immortals in S102, u guys most awesome and thanks for all daily laughter and colors u guys bring in my days. And thanks too for everyone I ever met in CS and LoA community groups.

                          While out of LoA, I'm thanking everyone that I know and made me who I am today.

                          S102 Coolbay


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                            In this new year,
                            I wish to thank my husband who is a great man and who is the only one to be rather brave to bear me lol I kiss him as well as our two wonderful children Jules and Gabriel =)

                            Happy birthday LoA

                            Big kisses of France

                            Juga, [S5] Boadicea's Glory


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                              Thank u for everyone who's support me and hate me bcoz them... i can survived in this game.. For my friends "Thank you so much for ur support" and for my hater "Thank u so much too coz u all make me strong more...". And Thank u for GM/Vets... and I love this game and love fast responded from support team when i was sent ticket ... Thank u all
                              (S121) Republic Of Dis
                              GuiLD : ShaDuR

                              ♥Never GIVE UP, Fix MISTAKES & Keep STEPPING♥