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[Forum Event] Start the New Year the Right Way!

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  • Happy New Year to all the great people on Server 207, Vaporous Citadel! Here's to having a great new year!
    [S207] Vaporous Citadel | Starkiller17-Hunter | SOULs


    • happy birthday love the game so much i look forward to loads of new stuff to come over the next yr


      • happy birthday love the game so much i look forward to loads of new stuff to come over the next yr
        ( player :- Starcascade .....sever:- prince of hope...... game league of angels )


        • happy birthday
          Server S222
          name Dullahan


          • Originally posted by R2CS_Amanda View Post
            Dear Heroes & Angels,

            The it's a brand new year and it's time to celebrate League of Angel's one year anniversary! First, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for all our wonderful players who have stuck with us through thick and thin. We know it's been rough at times, but we hope that in the coming year the game will continue to improve and provide hours upon hours of enjoyment for you all. If you have a special someone you'd like to begin the new year by thanking, encouraging, or simply reminding them you care let us know in the comments below! Now is the time to start the year out right!

            Reply to this thread from 2015.1.10 - 2015.1.25 based on the rules below to be rewarded.

            - Plagiarism is not allowed.
            - Replies that violate the R2 forum Rules will be deleted.
            - Be sure to include your character name and server in your reply.
            - Each character can only be rewarded once if s/he replies multiple times.
            - The rewards will be issued within 7 days after the event ends.

            • Enchanted Ore x300
            • Basic Energy Card (50) x1
            • Vouchers x500
            • Gold x1,000,000

            R2Games LoA Ops Team
            Many More happy anniversary


            • sir sorry for inconnvince i cant play in this game always loading have probs in game


              • I found this game through a pop up ad on another site. While I usually don't click on such things I'm glad I did, such a wonderful game. Happy Birthday League of Angels and many more to you!

                Server: [S235] Amber Heath
                Account: Brigma
                Character Name: Jess


                • i would like to thank the GM and developers for turning this game into a fun and interactive one. i play everyday coz of the fun events. i hope to see more and enjoy more

                  IGN: RenaDarkBane


                  • I would like to thank LoA for making a great game that I was able to come back to after a very long hellatus.
                    I would also like to thank my Guild, SWINGERS, for putting up with me even though I can't attend that many events due to my 3rd shift schedule.

                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LoA!!!

                    [S235] Amber Heath


                    • hi
                      thanks and keep good work
                      for us to enjoy this game

                      S237 Otapac Plateau
                      Join Our Fans Blog
                      We SHARE! We REVEAL! We MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU!


                      • Would like to thank my wife and good buddy from my last server Temina and Eupheus both are examples of how people should be on this game


                        • I would like to thank everyone and my friends who made my game experience fun, whether or not I'm in the same server. I would also like to thank the GMs and people who made this game for making it a fun, enjoyable experience for me.

                          Server: S237 - Otapac Plateau
                          Name: Sinn
                          Buildership sakdksadmd


                          • Great game till now keep it up / Char Name : Diakuba - Server : S233 Cerna Bluffs


                            • Great game till now keep it up lacke . char ilona (S101) lair o'flames


                              • Really great and interesting game. My wife propose me this game and I would like to say thanks to her for that. More and more anniversaries R2.

                                IGN: vampiros1983
                                [s29] Angelic Exile