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[Forum Event] Start the New Year the Right Way!

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  • I want to thank all those who made this game! For 8 months it helps me pass the time pleasantly, each time surprising me with new event! and thanks to my friend who introduced me to this game!
    Server : [S31] Heaven's Hosts
    Char Name : SultanBlack


    • I want extended his gratitude to the GM and BET for their work, as well as grateful for the help of their guild.
      Server: S227 - Grey Plains
      Char name: Erebus


      • Thank you to all the R2 team with the constant support you give to this game, specially to all the artists that make this game so unique from other. Once again thank u and i will be looking forward for another year with you guys

        [S5] Boadicea's Glory - Character: LolitaDark
        u29 Boadicea's Glory
        Sorcerer lv100
        Guild Haven


        • thank you r2 team for this great game but if it`s possible to don`t have so many events with diamonds just for the noncashers players in rest it`s a fun game and a good one i thank you for that keep the good work and Happy birthday!

          eugen31--s218 citadel of songs


          • Thank you R2games for a great fun game, thank you as well to all Vet's, GM's and players on my server. Happy Birthday League of Angels

            Server: S231 Withering Fen
            IGN: Petal
            IGN Petal
            Server S231 Withering Fen


            • Thanks for nice work.


              • I love this game

                Thanks and happy new year i really love this game!!!


                • I this year I would like to settle many things ... I wish the organizers put more attention to MATK-DODGE LVL5 gems that are useless and even you can make up to LVL6 and. .. I wish that you were all gems merged all progress with both do, at least I have no gems unusable. then I would say that for my sake I couldn't connect when there were the Godless Wolf Shard and I couldn't complete the implementation and son stayed with 130 pieces ... I regret not being able to get my Wolf.. If you can do something about this and not just for other type mont ect.I hope this year is better in this respect and in others that I can't remember, so I would like to thank the whole staff R2game for everything and I wish you a new year to all players and especially to R2game.

                  S164 Frost Fortress-Bersekerer LVL 78 SOTOMAIOR Guilda CabeCabean (leader)


                  • HAPPY 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY R2!!!!! Dont give us more bugs in this starting years! LOL!!!!!!

                    S99 RAINREEF CAMP
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                    • Goldielox
                      server 102 Cool Bay
                      id like to that r2 for a decent game. id really thank them much more if they would ever merge server 102 into another since its pretty much dead on the server


                      • thanks to my daughter for taking away my social life so i have time to play loa while she sleeps,and thank u devs for an addictive game been a good year but could you break cross-server again its been a long time and i need some honor compensation for a bit of a boost lol only joking gratz on not breaking anything for a while


                        ign psychosis
                        IGN : psychosis
                        Level : 94
                        Class : archer
                        Battle Rating 14mil BR
                        Server : 227 greyplains (UB40)
                        Guild : wintergarden


                        • It was an awesome event. It made me get the stuff that can be achieved on events. Thank you MOD's for having that event and I am so lucky to get that 6k diamonds for free.

                          Cloven HordeS (S156)


                          • Thanks R2 Games...I would like to thank everyone that made this game possible...

                            Fortuna's Folly (S19)


                            • Happy Birthday LOA!!
                              Thank for the fun, thank you to all the R2 staffs for keeping this game going for the last year. Thanks for more "Hot Events".

                              Server: [S212] Dragonrend Spires
                              Char name: Balic


                              • Happy Birthday!

                                Happy Birthday to league of angels! and I just want to wish all the players a have new year!

                                Playa name: Dakota
                                server: [S233] Cerna Bliffs