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[Forum Event] Start the New Year the Right Way!

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  • #76
    Happy anniversary R2 - League of Angels.
    Keep up the great work on such a great game and here's hoping for more of the same great events!


    • #77
      Happy 1 year anniversary.
      This game is addictive although at times bugs do occur. The GMs always do something about it and fixes it right away.

      S36 - Fallen Angel
      IGN: Harumi


      • #78
        I would like to thank my friends, You made last year awesome!

        server s108
        Character Viole


        • #79
          Gratz & Happy Birthday LoA and all at R2 who make the game what it is. Also a big thank you ,through the game I met someone very special to me,who iam now engaged too .



          • #80
            Thank to my family to have patience with me.Sometimes I've spend more time with League of Angels than with family.I guess I won't be a father of the year...
            Joking.Thank you R2 and GTArcade for having fun with LoA in 2014.

            s179 Shivering Sands


            • #81
              В целом игрой я доволен) Спасибо за хорошую работу администрации. Да, и спасибо за русского модератора, который трудится на нашем сервере



              • #82
                I just want to say happy new year to my family back home and give thanks to them for their unlimited support/guidance. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY "LOA" i have lots of fun playing, helps me remove my stress. T.Y. and god bless.

                johnny from (S192) the weeping jungle


                • #83
                  I would like to thank all of you who made this game...
                  When i first started i loved it.Made some friends.Oh btw i want to thank to my guild members from VIPLegends,and my guildmaster Magician.Thanks guys and girls for been there for me when i needed help.Again THANKS R2games/GTArcade for making LoA..Keep up the good work. PoluxBG [S19] Frotuna's Folly


                  • #84
                    taekkk bun imijjkkkkk


                    • #85
                      Thank you R2 and GT for such a fine game and for providing so much fun. DOMINATION guild in server UB11, GO GO GO!!!!!!!


                      • #86
                        I'd like to thank my family, friends, GMs that helped me when Fiery Citadel was opened. I'd also like to thank those kind people in support that took care of all my problems and complains, and finally thanks to everybody that made this game as enjoyable as it is. May we play for another year!

                        Server: [210] Fiery Citadel
                        Character name: Peyp
                        S210 Fiery Citadel
                        Nick Peyp


                        • #87
                          thanks LoA for the amazing game, this game made me stay at home and made me forget about the bad temptations in the outside world! THANK YOU VERY MUCH



                          • #88
                            I want to thank first of all those from R2games for this wonderful game you play with great love,
                            * is a game I had ever played so far, fantasy war-related friends
                            very nice and I hope we still encounter many new things
                            * good job

                            sever:S60-Accursed Throne


                            • #89
                              I would like to thank everyone that supported me in my life and me possible to play this game. and happy new year to all and happy birthday loa for r2 games

                              Server: S232 - blood reef
                              Char name: hexa


                              • #90
                                thanks to the r2games family. we got the whole year journey at the game and thx for this event. i hope r2games will have many more events to come.

                                thank you r2games for making us happys this whole year more years to come.

                                Server [S7] Obsession of eris
                                Char name warweak