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  • To begin with there are many that I would like to thank this new year. Firstly to everyone of those people on the road that used motor vehicles sensibly and didn't kill me so that i can see a new year a Big thank you. Next to all those who could somehow have affected me and made sure I dont see another new year, THANKS. For those who did hurt me last year a big thank you to you guys too for that made me learn something new. All those who lived through the turmoil of last year and walked into this new dawn with me THANK you in advance for the company this year

    Last but not the least a Big thank you goes to me family for staying with me, guiding me through all the ups and downs in life. Without you me being around would not have been possible.

    Thanks to everyone who reads this for taking some time out to do that.

    and last but not the least Thanks to r2 for this game because of which I wasn't alone this New year. happy that i had my guildies around me to celebrate with me


    Seraph[creators] of ua18 aka Paradisia's Glory(formerly s26)


    • Nice game, wish you all the best !!! Keep up the good work. Happy Birthday League of Angels !!!

      s124 Prince of Hope
      char name : ReadyOrNot


      • I would like to thank r2 for this game that keeps me from absolute boredom as well as the awesome players for friendsh and help when needed and I hope everyone has a great year.

        Server 226 - Ermine Heath
        Char - Ryth


        • Happy first anniversary LoA, wishing you guys all the best…thank you for all the hours of fun, and also for all the events

          Server: S71Nibelung


          • Thank you to Gt for making such a fun game. Thank you R2 games for hosting all of us. Thanks to server a3 S15 for being fun and competitive. Good luck in the new year.

            Heisenberg from [S15] [A3] Mikaela's Rampage


            • I would like to thank R2Games for a fun game, the other players for keeping server alive, my wife for understanding and not being too angry with me playing (well not at all although she calls it THAT game), my family and friends, and our two little kitties.

              Have a wonderful next year!

              [S217] - Burning Valley/Archdamien


              • Well, I've been playing since April and I like this game. I would like to thank to R2 to make possible to play a game like this.

                Server: UA25 (S147)
                Char. name: Dsdasa


                • hi..everyone...i whant to tell happy B-DAY this game and i hope that will continue to play and have fun...

                  mystic duke**




                  • Happy new year to all players League of Angels ,i would like to thanks to all players server 165 , and especialy to R2Games for beautiful events whit Precios free diamants,and hope to be more events,and ty for all players who play League of Angels,because this game continue to be play. char crival play on server [S165]Obsidian Marsh


                    • Happy Birthday! I should thank many people, and you first of all, but i'd like specially to thank my guild and the amazing friends i found there... We are like a weird family, we argue, sometimes, but we are always there, ready to help each other! Ty lords!

                      [S90] Deathshade Lair


                      • HAPPY Birthday. s35 blodmars


                        • I thanks for you for good game there I can spend my free time just joining and have fun


                          • "happy birthday" and thank you for such a nice game , we need some motivation to compete "merge maybe" most players are quitting now so its sad.
                            i wish to see more great event this year something can fire up the game again.
                            Vamp [S201] Valley of Omens .


                            • Thanks for coolest online game ever and for a good year full of events and new friends. With the hope of many years like this to come, i wish you Happy Birthday !!!

                              [S29]Angelic Exile


                              • Time server 221 Ashen Waste

                                I would like to start out the year by encouraging my friend Karma to stay clean.