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League of Angels - Happy Easter!

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    hello event dont work.... say everytime operation go to fast


    • #17
      its working on server 44 as i played it earlier


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        and now TA is broken on S69 and probebly on more servers ... how the *** can we make 600 devotion if TA aint working ....... LOB strikes again
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          I love the advertise

          Click image for larger version

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            ROFL !!!! Moratia
            S69 Foultusk Lair
            IGN Jm4nsk1
            Guild BloodOath
            Alliance BloodOath
            lvl 100 BR 43 Mil


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              Sadly it's true ...


              • #22
                our TA was bugged 2 days ago but it was working okay yesterday


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                  Nice one Moratia
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                    if ya do the get the bunny your spending over 600 bucks....its nuts


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                      careful ov

                      Originally posted by RepomanRegan View Post
                      if ya do the get the bunny your spending over 600 bucks....its nuts
                      FUQ with your bunny cheers


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                        can we just enjoy the game and stop complaining everything ?

                        Originally posted by R246058137 View Post
                        again event that require tons of diamonds? will u ever make 1 event that normal players can enjoy in it? so be fair once and make good event for everyone not just vip and cashers so all have chance to get that mount because not even 1 non casher dont have some cool mount -_-
                        yea, i can understand too often events with expensive price,,, but i dont think we have to keep complaining.

                        well, i think its normal when people get more when they pay more. and since you didnt pay anything, dont complain too much and enjoy the free stuff.
                        and no one willing to spend any money if the other get the same stuff for free. some players didnt use real money, they just take some effort to get free diamonds. and you dont have to get all the prize from the events. if you can afford to get them just get it, if you dont,,, just let it go. simple =)

                        even its a game company, there are a lot of worker have to pay and a lot maintenance fee have to pay, just grow up and be more realistic. if you love the game, gave them some appreciation for their hard work by spend some money to the game.


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                          just some comments and suggestion

                          Originally posted by Trev451 View Post
                          Honestly im a diamond user and really u guys are getting worse.
                          The free players can not even get the 30 points each day to get on the norm leaderboard.
                          It is clearly obvious u guys care very little about ur player base which honestly is the reason all the servers are losing people.
                          Honestly u guys need to do something for the free players they invite friends to the game aswell which they might spend diamonds which in turn u are losing money if all these free players quit.
                          Word of mouth is one of the best ways to sell anything, business school 101, really have good think about it or just push this to the side like u do to most peoples comments and feedback.
                          agree ! we are barely to get 30pts each day, and since we just can get the hammer just from devotion point,,, we just can get max 11 hammer and i believe we cant get 600 devotion everyday because lv60++ can not leveling up everyday. and to get 700pts,,, its too expensive. so, please make some events more relevant next time, that still make sense and easier to achieve_able.

                          there always have a new events after recent event, and they all too expensive, we are a gamer not a millionaire. if you expecting us to keep up all the event with expensive price,,, that not wise. we want to play to enjoy the game, spend some money for it, still acceptable, but spend too much money,,, i dont think it going to happened =p


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                            smashing pts

                            does anyone know if the amount of pts varies depending on which egg you smash?


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                              lol i can't logged in :'(
                              F a m o u s i s t a

                              s229 highwall peaks


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                                Originally posted by R211938183 View Post
                                does anyone know if the amount of pts varies depending on which egg you smash?
                                opal egg = 1 poin , garnet egg = 5 points , topaz egg = 25 points same points as how much hamers you use
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