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League of Angels - Happy Easter!

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    Originally posted by R211938183 View Post
    does anyone know if the amount of pts varies depending on which egg you smash?
    just like usual,,, 1 point / hammer


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      we just get 1 ITEM for 1 EGG !!!

      hey, just want to inform,,, we just get 1 item from those items for breaking 1 egg, so,,, 1 egg and get 1 item. if you break topaz egg, 25 hammer just for 1 item,,, do you know how much diamond for 25 hammers ? 25 hammers x 50 diamond, and just get 1 item. it is very stupid ! i thought we got all those items from each egg !

      please make a reasonable events. i really disappointed !
      ,,,,, PLEASE !


      • #33
        grand prize isnt wroth it.. reallli 1500 runes.. lol we get that in a blitz, lol


        • #34
          dear loa admin...

          iam newbie of loa game, its 3day im playing this.....
          1. i cant reedemt my code in that says: not code even...
          thanks and regard,( im sorry my english not to good...i hope u anderstand)


          • #35
            Very important question

            After smashing, we get smash points. When we buy from the points store, do we LOSE the smash points from the total for the rewards??

            If so, then if we go for the rewards we dont get to buy with smash points, is that correct?

            Please answer.



            • #36
              You do not lose your ranking's point, you can spend them


              • #37
                only 1 person will get rabbit on my server and it's mega casher and he will stay alone in those standings. this easter event is too much overpriced.


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                  -query resolved-
                  Last edited by R263401597; 04-20-2014, 01:58 PM.


                  • #39
                    I play in S116 Imp Parliament server! Why i cant collect my bunny in S116 Imp Parliament serever? I got 3rd place in this server! Is it possible get some answer? I spent lot of money in your game! I sent to GM a message but he not answer me!


                    • #40
                      i agree with that