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Divinity Shards!!!!! ?

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  • Divinity Shards!!!!! ?

    Come on what happen to the divinity shards? They were avalile in 2 events and now NADA!! Well IDK about any 1 else but I would like to finish my Hades evolution thing, but it seems that's gona be a little hard to do now that you won't give us any way to get the 500 shards we need to evolve/refine Hades/Apollo. Please give us some way to get these as a lot of ppl are stuck with Hades and Apollos the worked on but now can't finish. Personaly I won't be spending any money to evolve/refine and other Sylphs until I can finish what I already started 1st!! So PLEASE!!! give us a way to get these little buggers.. ty
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    nothing huh? guess I'm not suprised


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      No answer cause the information isn't out there for people yet. Sorry, wish I had something for you, just keep reading the forums and events, hope they add them soon.


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        Now that we have "sylph taboo" event with mahra, sepu.. would have been nice if we could exchange the chests for divinity shards as well. I would even buy some then.


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          Come on ppl I spent all the time to get a purple hades and converted my Star tear Shards to dark and now I've been dead in the water for 5-6 weeks this is getting a little old now please bring back divinity shards!!!


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            i still need a lot of divinity shards as well, but ohh well i'll just keep seping my 1 star purple hades until then...still a long way to go