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    Hi,first time i want say my English is not good.I open this thread for all Who did not got yet one hades or apolo like i am.Please put them in shop to can buy it wit balens,that box from event i not have win even 1 apolo ,all win only me not,so please put hades in shop.Thank you!

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    They did put in a Apollo in a shop once it quite expensive and it was white not blue like you get in the events. You are not the only who has not had any success in events where they drop Apollo and Hades Sylphs. It is just down to luck with these events although it not nice seeing the top cashier on your server get two when he already has one.

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      i'm playin much time and have no hades or apollo (yet)


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        DarkMeph is indeed Correct.

        it was not so long ago that the Apollo sylph was sold in the shop, a white version, for 1499 balens. Information on that event which occurred last month can be found here. While we never know what may come in the future, we can only hope that an event like this will return so those who are newer ni the player base, or those who missed the opportunity get a chance at the elusive Apollo.
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          many unactive ppl & unactive noncasher get those apollo or hades,,, change luck system on event become hard work event would be better to active non cash, light cash or heavy cash... trust me no one wouldn't complain bout event.... please address this to DEV THANK YOU