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12/16Legendary set Exch.III for Mages exclusively

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  • 12/16Legendary set Exch.III for Mages exclusively

    hello guys i am sorry to say this but come on guys what is the point of making an exchange event in hot events for mages if you remove the pontiff set from the arena shop so please put the pontiff set back in the arena shop and all the set you took out of the arena shop so we can get what ever the levle of set we want or we going to take very very long time to get it so please return them back because it is going to take lots of effort and time

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    It's not just the mages set, every arena set has been removed. So how is anyone supposed to get the arena set and exchange it? Is the only way if you already have the arena set?


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      duh,.. wartune is way ahead of us when it comes to event planning.
      They are the best masterminds, knowing our next move would be to grab pvp sets from arena shop.
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        If you have the set you are able to exchange it. I am supposing that this was done, due to the removal of the set, so that people would be able to continue to grow and advanced as having half sets that they were unable to complete would be unfair. I am sorry to those who did not get bits and pieces to turn in, but none of us knew in advance there would be an exchange
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