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R2 missleading posts ??

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  • R2 missleading posts ??

    This is not a post about whining or anything... they simply break google rules

    Click image for larger version

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    it clearly says that duration of event is 2015/1/9 00:00 - 2015/1/11 23:59 (Server Time), and now people find em again in catas and campaigns...

    I remeber few months ago I could find on forum every and exact days of those kind of events and could prepare properly for them... I wonder what event planners and everyone responsible for events have to say about this ?

    If you are going to lie about events and their duration why you even post event description in news and events section ?

    again this is no whining i started to care way less about everything in this game... but damn can you really be even more disrespectful with every month passing...

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    So... you're complaining about chests actually dropping...? Right, okay...

    Well, it's announced here. Slightly later than when you posted, but it's announced nonetheless.

    Thread closed.
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