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i am a very old player and i have some old quests items

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  • i am a very old player and i have some old quests items

    hi there every body i am playing since 2009 and i stoped for 2 year than i am back and i have some old quests items what do i do whit them please tell me i have lot of them 8 or more difrent quest items and i am a player for wartune kabam s29 name mehamed

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    You're probably on the wrong forums, Wartune's been here since around August 2012 if I'm right.

    In any case, you probably don't need those quest items. We'd know more if you could link us their names and/or pictures.


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      Dude this game hasn't been out since 2009. Either lies or you're mistaken.


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        Lol at playing 5 years for a game that's been out no more than 3
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          The game has recently (a few months or so ago) celebrated its second year. If you have outstanding quest exchange items, the chances of them ever being reused are incredibly slim to none I am afraid to say. Though the miraculous shards often come back so if you have thought I would save them. But if they were from hot event exchanges, you can opt to save them with fingers crossed, or sell them to free up vault/backpack space. What you do though, comes down to personal preference.. and I hope whatever route you go works out, good luck!
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