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  • Confusion?

    I'm seriously confused about how that Lords of Balenor even worked now.

    A guildie of mine who only has 62k BR got 300 gem packs while I with 64k BR got none! Like seriously, I was expecting to only get at least 100 gem packs because I need 65k+ BR to qualify for the 200 or 300 pack.

    I had to file a ticket when I did not get them in my mail and the only reply I got was for the GM's to "dig on my log in records" to make sure I'm not lying about my claim. It was all fine with me and I can wait but this? This takes the cake.

    I have never seen an event so badly executed like this one until now.

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    you should have seen HoF event. It is a shame but this does happen quite often. Almost every month there are events that are bugged in some way.

    Willow. RIP 30/10/14 you will be missed.


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      they mailed the remaining gems yesterday. i got the 300 gem packs in a separate mail. hope you get yours.


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        Guild Name: Legends

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          There was an issue with gem packs but it has been since mailed out, if you are still missing these gem packs, can i ask if you have yet sent in a ticket so they can check into things on their end for you? if you have, tickets can take up to 48 hours to be handled.. though what with the Chinese new year upon us, it may take slightly a bit longer I am afraid I have to say.
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            I already sent a ticket a few days ago and the reply said that they have already included my account to the list of rewards still to be sent out.
            I just hope it doesn't take too long like a few months or so. Lol