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Gem Transposers in Necro still drop

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    Originally posted by princestewii View Post
    Do you seriously have to try to troll all the time and not say something constructive?
    Since gem events are limited, you can only make 3, unless you want to ruin your changes for greater rewards.

    I think thats what Daunapu was trying to say lol.


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      For me it would be a huge boost, cause I am going for lv12 once I get the lv10 trans, sure it will be slow, but still end result huge. However, I am one of the people believing that r2 has put a lock on my account to not get lv10 trans, cause I don't spend enough(absolute free players get them, or heavy cashers, but 7$... they want me to open my wallet more xD)(please understand that I was joking)


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        Originally posted by pietjeprecies View Post
        Since gem events are limited, you can only make 3, unless you want to ruin your changes for greater rewards.

        I think thats what Daunapu was trying to say lol.
        Well thanks for making it simple. He could have just said that. Since I've only been blitzing necro for a month since I made the jump to lvl 70 and still rocking the 60 gear with lvl 8 and 9 gems thats why I said I'll gain a boost. Most 80s on my server dont even have a 10-12 transposer yet.
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          Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_76.png
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          got it today

          1M+BR Mage


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            Originally posted by R24707687 View Post
            luck is everything on this necro

            i dont believe to be unlucky to that limit... i got 4 level 11s,,,, 3 level 12s,,, and 2 level 9s but not even 1 level 10

            something is wrong with my account to not get the 10


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              Originally posted by StormcrowUS45 View Post
              For those that thought transposer scrolls were non-existant in Necro, this is for you.


              i played for over a year and a half with countless necro attempts { i have all 5 shields open** and got 1 lvl 11 mdef transposer, then 2 gem events ago i ran necro and got 3 transposers in 1 trip thru, lvl 10 charisma lvl 9 pdef and lvl 11 hp..................nothing since sadly


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                lvl 9 charisma and lvl 10 pdef
                Click image for larger version

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                  Do you think it makes a difference if you blitz it or run it manually? Because the very first time I beat level 10, I got a level 9 scroll.


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                    I only got my gem transposers from doing blitzes in necro. I doubt it would make any difference but since they will never release information on drop rates we will never truly know.

                    Willow. RIP 30/10/14 you will be missed.


                    • #40
                      And it seems so random, For me for example, I have an high drop rate on lv9 lv11 lv12, basicly a 25% drop rate of those scrolls, while others have close to 1% drop rate. even doing 100 runs, wouldn't give a honest picture, would need 1000 runs


                      • #41
                        I got a level 10 scroll from necro yesterday but the drop rate is ridiculously low. I have used at least 200 crypt keys in necro and gotten exactly 3 scrolls so far. 2 were duplicates of level 10 mdef and 1 was level 10 crit. Zero scrolls of any other kind. All but the first 6 keys I passed at least level 20 and the last several dozen I passed all 30.


                        • #42
                          i got lvl 12 mdef transpo when i still far from beating stage 30
                          i curious which lvl i got it. lol
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                          • #43
                            25, 30 just gives gems(and title)


                            • #44
                              I would just like to say i hate all of you who have a level 10 transposer! Well, kinda hate. Okies, a mild dislike. I would not share cake with you.

                              Oh and to the OP, doing a screenshot showing a 12 drop, well... so what, 10s dropping... that's worthy of a screenshot imo. Thank you.
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                              • #45
                                Been stuck on lvl9 gems on all 3 characters for like 9 months. Finally got lvl11 scroll on one character, but couldn't participate in this lvl10 gem event because I have no lvl10 gem scroll at all. Necro drop rate is so low that I feel like maybe it's time to give up. The drop rate is random but not uniform across players. I got basically nothing but lvl3 gems (even on lvl20-30). I would consider my drop rate to be very bad. Maybe I just didn't spend enough (2/3 characters are 100% free play).