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Necro never gives lv10 transposers

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  • Necro never gives lv10 transposers

    I'd like to see everyone actually stop spending $ on this game til r2 fixes the necro giving lv10! I contact them to let them know after months of running manually or blitzing with no lv10 transposer... I have received lv9's, 11, & now today lv12. r2 just wants your money & don't care about the players.

    Please join me with letting them know IT NEEDS FIXED!!!!

  • #2
    but i got lvl 10 transposer, many others did, what does this mean?


    • #3
      Some of us is just cursed, to never get l10 trans.

      still saying, give me an option to pay for it xD


      • #4
        They should just sell the Level 10, 11 & 12 transposers. Most the focus is on the sylph stuff anyway so why not give a break on the gem side.


        • #5
          Necro hardly gives level 10 transponsers

          I have done Necro for the last 9 months and hoping for a level 10 transponser scroll but instead get level 9 or level 11 or level 12. Put it in the market, or shop, or in the crypt shop, give it in a hot event or just offer it as a hot event item. I play on server 33 or 7, (merged server) there are only a select few people that have the level 10, to me they happen to be the people that spent alot on playing. I like playing the game but I would like to see some these little issues taken care of, like fact that necro not giving level 10 transposers like it say it does as reward for passing a certain level.