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how to play dimention?

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  • how to play dimention?

    what's dimention strategy?

    i suposed to have 2 attempt to do something like the screenshot say well it's never reset and i never use it and i dont understand how dimension work
    so if any one can explan to me how to play it or give me a link that explan it (guid) will help me a lot


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    In your screen shot you have no active dimensions at this time.

    You can activate existing coordinates or purchase the dimension coordinate boxes from your guild shop.

    Inside the dimension a lot has changed and there is a mapping system in the upper right hand corner that lets you see just how big the map is. The larger the dimension the larger the map. Doing dimensions now is a lot easier then that were originally. If you activate a dimension and have questions based on mobs, loot, tower and such we can help you a lot easier.. so let us know.

    Also if you never talked to Lyceus in cloud city to get your first dimension coordinate box, you can try talking to them to do so... but if you have gotten one from them before you can not get any more.

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      Ok, taking that you have done your checkin as shown below.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Devotion_chest.jpg
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ID:	1718010

      You'd have claim these basic dimension coordinate chests, (and intermed one by to the end of 26 days)
      Now open one of these chest that will give a random coordinate, and double click the coordinate (that looks like orb sprite).
      Then check back to your Mystic gate again, you should now have a dimension open in the mystic gate.

      How to play:
      Move to the next/selected tile with mouse click navigation.
      Moving on a new tile will consume 1-2 energy pts.
      Moving on a familiar tile will not deduct energy pts.
      More energy points will be deducted for the following battle/loot below

      Objective of dimensions by Rewards:
      Resistance & will crystal shards - find and occupy the dimension posts and the arrow square to proceed to next level
      Mahra and sepulcrum - do beginner's trial, quantity rewards better at adv. and expert dimens (recommended)
      Lost Fortune - one of the following will show as reward: soul crystal (x500), mahra (x50), roze hazel (x500), dragon essence (x50)
      Eudaemon - dimension coordinate chest, 300 dimension energy (restored), death, redemption
      Offering - try for a different reward in offering in mystic gate panel. The better the quality of offering, the greater the reward quantity.
      Balen mine - might or not be found in current dimensions (though said to be more common in basic and intermed dimens)
      requires to cover every square of the level field, except the outermost perimeter

      Note that as you progress in each level of dimension post occupation,
      the depletion of dimension increases up to 45%, which will last you 3 days for it to deplete in reward returns

      * Another source of dimension coordinate chest is found in a lv 10 guild shop for 1k contributions (that's 1mil gold)
      which many veteran would alrdy claim to know by now.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Guild_shop.jpg
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ID:	1718011

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        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 9.37.35 AM.png
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        You can get coordinate chests(image) from the lvl 10 guild shop, Or if you have logged in sufficient times, the log in rewards would have given you a "basic coordinates chest (image : chest#1). Double click on it and an Orb will be given. double click that Orb .
        Now click on your Mystic's Gate and you will see the dimension is available. Go ahead and click it to enter.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	cr1-01.jpg
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          guys idk how to thank you for the info, now i can play thanks to you ♥_♥
          they came they were there they didn't hesitat ))