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feedback about patch update 28/10/2015

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  • feedback about patch update 28/10/2015

    hello , new updates for the lag were nice but why didnt u put this new option about hiding players in settings?!? so u can activate or deactivate from there once and not in every single battle.
    i saw alot of new bugs coming with it and i expected that . it was too good to be true lol.
    in spire today i tryed to unclick that option and every boss kill it kept activating again.
    it would been way easier if u just add it on settings next to enviromental effects and skill effects.
    thats about all i wanted to point out , hope it helps .
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    I don't know, it's rather useful to be able to look at other players, see what sylphs they have equipped, for instance, and then switch them off to improve performance.

    Plus I know of several things in the settings window that spontaneously reset sometimes, so no guarantee that would fix it anyway.


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      They made it worse in arena can't see what class your fighting and there sylph . it just as laggy and you can't turn it off


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        Auto hide really annoyed me. I play this game cause this game is nice + good graphic design.

        And it is online game I want to see the new thing I meet in game. So little lag is not a problem.
        But now me and my hollow friend fighting with hollow enemies.

        100% no more fun in this Titan war.

        I don't know about system but if hide damage score can help about lag please make hide damage score for more choice.
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          if they Disabling "Underground Palace" then how do i can get mount shards? im still missing them for that mount
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            I have the exact same question if, hypothetically "underground palace" was not to be included in the future. That would dishearten a lot people, since this does not come around to often and even then you may not get one each day. I hope the dev's takes this into consideration if by chance underground palace is discontinued at some future date.



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              I'm not certain what they actually accomplished with the hide players option, frankly still seems to run the same and once group situations come around those damage numbers do a whole lot more damage to my game speed compared to clothing and other junk that is now "hidden". Well will see after titan wars for additional testing.


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                Everyone should send a ticket to complain about this hide objects thing. We get more lag,have to uncheck every round, its not fun to play anymore. Worst thing they had in the game.


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                  And just saw that we cant see skills when doing duel lolll