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so a quick and simple yes or no for this patch

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  • so a quick and simple yes or no for this patch

    Lets have a vote,

    YES Cool Patch, they should do more of these things
    NO They forgot to put the players first

    The poll is expired.

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    Slyph Expd blitz to completed lv is nice. Slyph atoll dropping enchanting mats is ok.

    Everything else is ****. Overall I think it's a really crappy patch. I almost thing they are trying to get people to quit and not play anymore.


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      Originally posted by christinegfx View Post
      Slyph Expd blitz to completed lv is nice. Slyph atoll dropping enchanting mats is ok.

      Everything else is ****. Overall I think it's a really crappy patch. I almost thing they are trying to get people to quit and not play anymore.
      Somethings are good somethings are bad, its allways like that, Sylph expedition is a plus how ever its funny that it went from what it was to what it is now,
      dimensions sure helps on time saving but i still want an offering :-) AB items are cool but the removal of GOLD is hard.
      In the end adding all up for me its a NO.. until proven otherwise ofcourse


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        Def a big fat NO

        sylph exp drops are not nice .. disagree gifts of gods where better for clearance .. a few more sylph gems .. they dropped before also if u was worthy to make the lvl ..
        blitz to max all skills available .. makes it a bad upgrade as is .. the count reset on new lvl .. .. why let it count before use next ( cause thats the way it is designed in the first place so u not have unlimited buffs ) they undermind that .. now its a farce of the great game part it was .. this player is unhappy first

        dimentions bad bad bad .. now as free player how the how to spend 3 k .. can do 10 dimentions a day easy yet can only hold 2 .. to make the add worth it .. raise dw holding by factor 10

        rest of patch dont let me open my mouth this page be to small
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          who bright idea was the change in tok then fill it with the strongest players to battle way to go,, is the nice way of saying Cupcake R2
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            put people first is that a joke


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              Hell no why do we want them to wreck the game even more


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                A big NOOOOO............its getting worse,holy forge messd up..atoll no gold,still have the freaking hide button lag , 1min match up in arena to fight noobs, 10M br party cant pass tok easy,didnt look if they fix duel( cant see skills),no more gold,gl charms and fs core in golden road....................


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                  for everything they make better they make 10 things worse

                  - so far only agree with new "blitz" in euda exp.
                  - new cloud adv totally sucks (only good thing they removed this ** mahyong clone): hit almost all traps and if not got kicked back in 3 of 4 , so no way to finish, sure even with using ballens theres no way, so cant say anything to the rewards, but getting the new coins dont seem a good reward cause all u get for them isnt worth the time u have to spend

                  devs are on the best way to cut their own jobs: no game = no devs needed, so this is another point noone can understand, what is working to get kicked from own job by doin such b.s ?


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                    Devs can give you all the options for rewards all they want. It is the publisher that determines the rewards. Remember, rewards are merely a list. It is up to R2, the publisher, to populate the list with what they want to give.

                    7Road sells to R2. R2 sells to us.

                    When we buy balens, 7Road doesn't see the money. R2 does.

                    Blaming 7Road for anything to do with balens or rewards within the game is ludicruous. It is like blaming an iron ore mining company for setting the price of your car. It is absolute bull faeces.

                    It is R2 destroying the good name of a game. The Chinese publisher of the clone of this game does not suffer from the same rate of anger, frustration and hate that R2 gets from players. You have to ask yourself why, when it is the SAME developers who supply both.


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                      True there's a few things good about new patch but what's the purpose when it doesn't really work. Check the button yet you still see the enemy, hide players in WB yet after a round they appear again and you need to click hide players again. Cloud adv is waste of time for the mentioned loss of steps and massive amount of traps. Way more crappy things then good so this patch is a major dump.


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                        and the cloud rewards are a joke, i used to look forward to cloud to boost my bb balance or at least a chance at, most weeks i made a goodly sum of bb's, {2430 bb's in a day isnt bad**
                        today after trading my nickels in i get 10 mahra, not even advance mahra, just plain **** mahra... 1.5 million gold pffft, and lots of useless insignias, at least they are useless to me, of course i could save them for weeks and buy 1 cross server bullhorn...........*** are you people thinking


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                          It's not a "no" but a "Hell No". And that's a very deep response coming from this guy.
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                            Tok is a freaking joke i wasted like an hour to do tok hard( FOR SOME Cupcake REWARDS) and we exited before the last lvl cuz wb was starting. Adding eudaemons to tok, srsly? 4 suntorias .. etc. This game when u think it cant become more stupid it actually does. And it's not enough how stupid it becomes with every patch but we get nerfs after nerfs and more nerfs.. cloud adventure.. a joke aint gona do it a second time, ab.. a joke aint gonna do it again, underground palace no more i can delete my mount shards and so on. Even the Cupcake login on forum is bugged for months, your incompetence is simply unparaleled. This game has become a joke, a bad one.
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                              Imagine if one of them put a wind ranger on? the poison from an archer is still insane, imagine from 4 windranger, aoe, 200% poison...

                              Usually I see a lot of complaining, but I can see how the changes are good. but this time I can't see it.

                              3 days worth of minigame? game it 7 days, mix them up, so we can actually get tons of nickel to make it worthwhile. You already removed the best items from the minigames, so at least let us get the best new stuff we can.

                              Ab no gold? I understand if they wanted to halt our gold income, but they could have made it so the mobs dropped say 100k each, and boss 1m. that wouldn't be a ton(4m?), but at least it wouldn't be a total slap in my sack.

                              Tok change with eudaemon... We complain on lag, so you add more lag? that makes no sense. My girlfriend complains at me leaving socks on the floor, do I go to the drawer and throw 50 more pairs on the floor and say: "Look sweety, I optimized it, instead of 1 pair you hate, you got 50 pairs!"

                              Sylph exp. and dims are very good changes, however, wouldn't pass r2 if they reduced sacrifice and balen mine spawn, cause they think people won't notice with this new change.

                              guild beast is awesome in my opinion, no more 1 attack leave, you can decide how you wanna tackle the boss, and increased rewards.

                              VIP coins... you added new items, yet the best items are not aviable anyways. vip rewards need a better update, and vip players are still paying for stuff that doesn't exist in the game.

                              So in overall, a big NO.