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  • Eudaemon skill event

    Why does the Wind Ranger and Blood Warrior eudaemon not count towards the skill event? Will they ever be counted?

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    Cause they are to lazy to code it in, or too stupid to do it. Can't see another reason.


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      My only guess is they want to encourage players to upgrade the other eudaemons first for some odd reason. Doesn't make any sense to me, either; especially when you consider that the Scourge Mage is included with the 3 other ones(sacred knight, sanctuary hunter, battle oracle). This raises the question, what's so special(or not) about the wind ranger & blood warrior? A battle oracle is still a lot more useful all around compared to the rest of them unless you dump a LOT of cash into one of the others.


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        I can not say why these do not yet count towards the event, however we will report the concern and attempt tog et an answer as to this for you. Should we hear anything that we can pass along we will do our best to update you. Thanks for your patience while we try to find out a why and such for you.
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