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My review and story of my time in Wartune

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  • My review and story of my time in Wartune

    I've been away for awhile, return back to WT this week cuz my cousin pulled me back here. (damn, I really wanted to quit.. lol, why you have to do this to me? T.T)
    She made contact with a close in-game friend on Fb as we used to play on gamefuse uratis server, until they decided to shut it down.
    That in-game friend (I shall not name), practically helped salvage all the accounts that he knows of from his guild and his game friends.
    He did a remarkable thing cuz without him, we couldn't get back our accounts there, and have to start over on wartune platform
    (never on R2 cuz with their kind of customer service support, you can be sure this is the worst platform to start your gaming journey on)

    Anyways, I returned to find a few appalling changes and hope you can update me with stuff that I haven't covered.
    I know of archaeology before I left, so that's a rough gauge of how long I was away, only wish this was released in earlier patches...
    I found out that devotion system took another tweak, and is now more than a chore to complete practically everything when the first chest reward starts at 100 devo? really wartune devs..
    Spire, ToK and Inferno now has only been one attempt a week, yet it goes into devotion... what are the devs even thinking?
    They added Voyage, which is a nice feature, could trade some useless resources like soul crystals there.
    Also removal of HP pots is another good change, but I think could have been done earlier...

    Things that needed the changes but couldn't understand why they still remain the same as before:
    - Cloud adventures and jewel hunt still same ** nerf in rewards
    - Amethyst and atoll shop still same ** in there.. unlike arena and guild shop mount, I wonder why they don't let us buy the mount for grinding the currencies
    - Sky trial, I couldn't believe it, it's still the same rewards! star tear shards, star tear, gold, more gold and sepulcrum.

    And now I'll cover the events. I finally found some useful and good events that I could participate in:
    - dimension energy event (awesome rewards for burning 4k energy, I can do it with just a basic and int. dimension only - if you wanna know how, just pm me)
    - defend sylph atoll event (great, finally get to see them release adv mahra and seps as reward, it's been awhile since they put something like that)
    - daily login event now include some free mounts (now that's what I like to see, even if they are mounts that I had before, I know they can be recyclable for beast souls)

    Again if I missed out on any wartune changes, plz drop in the comments below and let me know..

    From my PoV, this game goes through too many changes to justify it's really worth the cash. I can't imagine how players have suffered when they always relied on the consistency of the game system, but wartune devs just keeps on tweaking and changing the game rules that it causes alot of player frustration. I hope the wartune R&D devs can see this CLEARLY, and not allow testing of new changes continue to be on a real market ground!
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    So I'm guessing no one could help me on this topic? sighs...
    What was once thought to be a forum where players discussed on many ideas now became a ghost town on R2 forums.
    Guess that's exactly how it turn out to down be here... lol
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      You shouldnt even bother to return in first place. Whats the use of getting the hang of all the changes when this game was ruined totaly long time ago?! No matter what new feature they put in fact is that most fun and cathy stuff is long gone. In matter of fact this "thing" stopped being a game and became trap for small-minded people with big wallets and ego. And yeah you should be a complete moron to pay for this abomination as it is.

      My point of view is that of a true gamer that seeks challenge..and since that challenge died as they destroyed player vs player system and completely ruined game events there was no point of bothering myself with this game as a player. Now its almost an year and i dont regret leaving at all cause wartune just cant give me the thrill that i experienced when i started playing it and things escalated beyound repair. Problem is not giving money away but the lack of reason to do so. I like when i pay to recieve something with good quality in return. Just 2 words are enough to describe management and developing team of this game -> greedy and incompetent.

      My advice is to tell your cousin to collect least they wond try constantly to swindle her money out.


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        I understand if returning back was due to friend relations made in-game, and nothing else about the game that could replace that value.
        But I agree with most points you made - the nice events going on is still nothing compared to the damage that the devs have done to the game features.
        The incessant useless tweaks that could only amount to more player frustration, and improved potent lag in pve/pvp elements that still renders a terrible game experience.
        I've not listed any reason as to why should still bother to fund wartune, but rather looking back to last time when I did so (drop a few bucks) which got me little to no advantage,
        this became an eye opener for me that wartune evolved into more than a casino game, with game rules that were never abiding at all. Would regret even more, if I still fail to see this. Those 2 words: greedy and incompetent are an understatement if you know what I'm talking about.


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          i really hate the 3 event chests they have now,1 with **** and 3 cloth items in,1 with cloth items and wings and 1 with the mount,money grabbing taken to a new extreme imo,that being said im still having fun in game, i understand some of your frustations with the changes but every online game like this must have changes and new additions,i guess you taking some time off and have to come back to a few patches worth of new stuff must have been a little daunting,but mostly i dont think its been too bad


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            They also never updated the csgb shop. And they took away the fashion cores, rendering it pretty much useless. And with the new clothing system, they took away the starting rage that players worked for years to build. I used to have 51 rage to start a fight. That has been chopped in half while they tell us the new system is better. Hint: Its not.