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What are the advantages to playing for 4 years?

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  • What are the advantages to playing for 4 years?

    I've been playing Wartune for about 20 months, and I'm about 14.5M BR. So I missed the first 2 years of Wartune. I'm looking for info from people who have been playing longer. What BR advantages do you have over me?

    I'm not a heavy casher, but certainly help support the game with what I think is reasonable. I don't need to hear about how spending more would get me more. I know that. I'd like to know what did I miss simply by not being around longer, and how it helped your BR over mine, independent of spending.

    What was considered a monster player 2 years ago? 2M BR? So could there really be any significant advantage to having played the first 2 years? Because a monster now has over 25M BR. Aside from just spending more money, what did I miss?

    For example:

    - I'm maxed out on holy forge... so not that.
    - I've maxed out my top 2 Eudaemon with everything that isn't cash dependent (i.e. I have all lvl 12 diamonds and lvl 12 Eudy, etc.). Besides Eudies only showed up since I started playing. So no major advantage for old timers.
    - I have maxed out dual-12 gems.
    - Maxed out equipment.
    - Maxed out astrals (some astral slots aren't maxed, but that BR is REALLY minor)

    So the biggest things that I think make the difference might be:

    - Clothing. I'm only level 102 for clothing. I had level 9s under the old system, and I image that people with level 12s did way better when converting to the new system. But does clothing make up much BR?
    - Mounts. I'm pretty weak on mounts. Since they started coming out with title mounts, I haven't gone back and bought old cheap mounts. So there are about 24 old non-title mounts I still don't own.
    - Sylph. My sylph team is pretty weak. But I have an Odin and a Frigga.... and merged sylphs are relatively new. So I don't know that the sylph advantage over time is that big.

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    On clothing, only a small amount of BR is added. Unless higher levels give out more. This is something I, too, will have to check out one day if I am not discouraged by the clothing that is being offered.
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      Dude, you just missed out on the joy of watching the game evolve. You also missed on the euphoria of the beginning days when there weren't half the benefits that you have right now and you had to ACTUALLY use strategy and battle formations to win Arena Battles and other group activities.

      Lol, I'm happy for your fast advancement tho… truly sound like a next generation who might have a hard time appreciating what went before that has allowed you to have the privilege you now enjoy. So you cashed…big whoop. The real test of mettle is to make it to your level without cashing. (it is extremely difficult and to be there now as a non casher you'd have probably needed to be playing this game 24/7, not missing an event .

      please note that the last 1.5 years of the game has seen a change of developer s hands and with it the new player does not have to stress about the many in-game intentional time and activity restrictions that were designed to keep us hooked on the game.
      The farm had major limitations, Academy & everything Hall of Heroes had time restrictions to how fast and how much you could advance…there were No Sylph Refinement or upgrades, No Eudamons or Tattoo, Battle Protect, Dimensions, Smelting Equipment, (only 1 of those 3 fate stones existed), No Holy Forge, No Spirit Fury or Soul Barriers……All the sweet stuff that give you your current boost in BR, they weren't available then, and the few that were available, the rewards were very small and less frequent than they are now with new events.
      Today you can buy or get equipment shards in the guild shop or by archeology…before this we had to wait each day to get 1 opportunity to run 1 Hall of Heroes event to get 5/10 Shards and keep going until we could get leveled equipment. And we couldn't just jump to lvl 80 because there weren't as many stronger players to take us through the events…We had to get full sets of each equipment from lvl 30, 40 , 50 (many skipped 60 and went to lvl 70).

      Clothing & Mounts were mainly a casher thing and were very rare. It's only from the beginning of this year that mount & clothing events were released more regular (or given away in daily rewards for that matter).

      Lol…Odin & Frigga you say??..congrats…,many non-cashers from long ago still don't have these…lol…Congratz, you have also maxed everything.

      - What i can suggest is that you may be weak in two main areas…. 1. Titles (Battle Ground & Arena in particular) and 2. Honour Level …the only other area i can think of would be a number of specialty activities and titles that gave BR that are no longer features in the game but for those who participated and received them in that time, they alone would benefit now.


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        I've been a free players for 3 years and cashers that have been around less than a year have skyrocketed past me. so, zero advantages to being a long time, loyal player... except maybe extra lag.


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          gibsondion... don't get me wrong. I play a LOT.... more than many for sure. For example, I have basically every reasonable title I can get (including General and Most Honorable). In the last 20 months, I've only not hit the highest daily devotion level like 4 or 5 times.

          Even tanks I only missed a few times, and I too had to do the daily Hall of Heroes runs for shards, etc. That's how it was 20 months ago. To give you a better idea of when I started... and the biggest perk of the time... there was an event when I started that if you collected 60 of each type of sylph in atoll, you got a free evo 2 of each slyph (Hercules, Cerberus, etc.)

          Again, I'm not a heavy casher (I know it is all relative, but based on what I've seen), but staying competitive with zero cash would be pretty impossible (especially the sylphs)... even in four years. I spend with a budget, plus I'm a devoted player = where I am now. I'm also religious about waiting for events.

          Thanks for the info. Would appreciate any info on titles or features I may have totally missed. For example, there was a title for ending a match of Sacred Fire Temple holding the flame. I was one short of the title when thet retired SFT. Grrrr.
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            Back in the fray, I go. I liked the old clothing system as synthesizing a current piece of clothing with a fashion core will get me either the same or another piece (the latter mostly) which helped me to get all the pieces that were available in the shop as well as some that were not. I do not like the new system one bit as after level 10 you get a piece for every 5 levels which will take a bit of time.

            There were some events where we get unlimited items from. Now, those are gone or skimped out.

            However, the other poster brought out when it first started (when I first came on board), it was truly bore-tune. I wasn't getting anywhere in terms of level and building my BR. MPDs and solo dungeons started to give out diminished exp once you passed a certain level range (sometimes 0 exp when you run it). I quit over 2-3 years ago after playing two servers (first one was 393, then another when it came out - 400-something, I forgot). I came back to try again and kind of liked it until the devs/R2 skimped out on many things that would bring it back to what it was those many years ago, a standstill.

            I come on to chat with friends only. Some events I do because I think it's beneficial; some I don't do, even when the clothing offered looks like a rodeo clown would be shot in or just kill himself just wearing them. I don't spend, and probably will never with the way things are going now. Don't get me wrong, I do have the cash that I put into another game that I play, but not going to put it into this game if things don't take a turn for the better.
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            Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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              None, all games have a path to catch up else nobody would start playing 2 years after the game started. Outdated items are easy to acquire, older item low cost, current items the same for all.

              Clothing has its catches but mounts are easy to catch up since there is a shop and the old ones are 10% of the newer ones in resource costs.

              What took a player of 4 years to do in the 1st 3 years a player starting today does in 3-6 months.


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                Except for Tanks level, you've missed nothing.

                I still occasionally play on an old server (Wartune S1), and saw:
                An old top player (from the time when 60 was the max level) in 2012 returned, with only 23k BR.
                An old top player in 2013 returned, with only 53k BR.
                An old top player in 2014 returned, with only 112k BR.
                An old top player in early 2015 returned, with only 770k BR.
                The one returned from early 2015 could still catch up. The rest...I've seen them around for some 5 weeks to 6 months, but left with under 1M BR.

                As for Tanks level, if you are around for less than 3 years, there's little chance for your tank to reach max level. But tanks level difference is very small, and tanks is an unimportant part of Wartune.
                I (my knight) was top 10 BR and arena when I left game in January. I returned some 6 months later. Now, after over a year with zero cash in, the only place where I could still beat most players is tanks trial.
                Someone started in early 2015, left in late 2015, returned to game after a year-long break, and spent thousands in 6 months and beat everyone else (we are a low spending server with very few players).
                Considering how hard it was to obtain knighthood set and advanced henna, and how much easier it is now, and the same history for artifact & halidom, it's sufficient to say that if you spend enough, starting later gives more advantage than earlier.


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                  you missed out an era when Wartune still fun.
                  Originally posted by Wraithraiser
                  Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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                    Missed out on unlimited whips events. I'm still behind from that.
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                      Originally posted by dated3415 View Post
                      - Clothing. I'm only level 102 for clothing. I had level 9s under the old system, and I image that people with level 12s did way better when converting to the new system. But does clothing make up much BR?
                      you missed a thing about cloths
                      customs comes with title which gives good br atleast for me
                      they came they were there they didn't hesitat ))


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                        over the last 20 months, you have seen the majority of the clothing sets and all of the clothing/mounts titles. The biggest difference between older and newer players is in the mounts, as mounts were the original casher item. There have been dozens of +20/30/40/50 mounts that are overlooked by newer players, but they add up to well over +1000 to the base stats (and over +2000 after mount hoofs).


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                          you missed the days when 80k was high br and 100k was almost unheard of......and the game was actually much more fun back then, now its more like a job, if you dont cash or vip you will need to spend 8-10 hours/day on game, 3-1/2 hours just for blitzes


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                            i remember way back when there was no clothing and max br was around 80k lol good old days starting mini wars in the wilds and guild battles lasted full hour.
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                              Yep, I remember those days. We didn't have fog, small real estate, or other "perks". If we wanted a war, we go out and seek out in the wilds for one. Was fun.
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                              Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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