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Wartune Holiday Festivities - Is it feasible?

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    Originally posted by Mr.Viruz View Post
    I copied this from other thread forgot who posted it but credits to him who ever you are.

    Heart of a Gladiator’ – 10 shards x 7 days = 70 shards.
    ‘Pillage and Plunder’ – 10 shards x 7 days = 70 shards.
    ‘Dungeon Slayer!’ – 10 shards x 7 days = 70 shards.
    Subtotal: 210 shards.

    Reindeer requires 300 total shards. We need 90 more.

    ‘Mount Trainer’ (repeatable): 90 required shards / 3 ‘shards-per-quest’ x 2 ‘whips-per-quest’ = 60 whips.
    You're welcome. Kongregate salutes you here at R2.


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      better keeps those whips from guild battle


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        Originally posted by bobpolson View Post
        I have calculated maximum number of shards one can get during this event by multiplying number of shards by duration of each activity. Below is the result I got:

        Solstice Daru Alchemy! 21
        Solstice Alchemy! 21
        Heart of a Gladiator 60
        Pillage and Plunder 60
        Mount Trainer 51
        Dungeon Slayer! 60

        Total 273

        for Reindeer Card you need 300 shards!

        Minimum to pay for this performance is 14,700 balens

        Is this event a joke? Please let me know what's wrong with my calculation, or this event or this game...

        Mount trainer isnt once per day but renewable quest, do the math again and see this event its possible also without spend balen^^


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          TS needs to go back to elementary.
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            Wanted to confirm this: I just got my reindeer this morning and I didn't spend a single balen for it. It took 170 training whips, which I had saved up almost entirely from guild battles. I'll still get enough shards to buy a few gem boxes, also free.


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              @TS kindly read first
              permanent ban those hackers!
              to File ticket/ report suspicious player click link -> :
              how-to-file-ticket-guilde- ->


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                The event been going for three days and i got over 100 shards granted i miss arena today because of work i think it can be done (hopfully)


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                  where did the exchange go


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                    how to synthesis the reindeer once you exchange it?....can anyone tell me O_O


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                      Originally posted by R23252509 View Post
                      how to synthesis the reindeer once you exchange it?....can anyone tell me O_O
                      Mount >> Stables >> Special >> Next


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                        Originally posted by KnowingEyes7 View Post
                        Mount >> Stables >> Special >> Next

                        you mean,after we exchange it,we can mount it immediately? O_o
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