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  • Wings

    Come on are u serious !!! what about the non cash player ? this has just made the game virtually unplayable for non cash players now well done .

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    Yeah they screwed those who cant buy balens


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      bye r2 play with cashers only
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        and the stats boost isnt small.

        120 to PDEF, MDEF, MATK, PATK.
        1200 HP

        and a further
        2% Pdef, Mdef, Matk, Patk
        2% HP

        Wish I could say "told you so", but most probably isnt interested to listen anymore,...


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          for an 8k matk mage, that 2% is 160.. with added 120 which makes it an easy 280 matk boost...

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          IGN: Senju
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          I'm a non casher player

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            Well now it will be imposible to catch up balens players. But 1995 balens for wings, come on. U will start losing players. Please game makers change that.


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              Pretty much the opinion going around. not sure there is a point to playing now. i use to be at least to compete with a casher. now? now way.


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                New content for Wartune!!! All accessible via money!

                Screw it, this game doesn't have any ground breaking new things. Just new **** for people who are dumb enough to waste their money. If it wasn't for humanity being stupid games like this wouldn't make a dime.
                Content is boring now, skill is non existing. I'll let the money players enjoy spending money thinking people admire them.


                • #9
                  im just glad they did this b4 i bought balens with my tax money.. i dont need yet another hand in my wallet


                  • #10
                    Wait for the non balen wings to pop up, the difference is just 1% which aint huge by any means


                    • #11
                      bye bye wings~ T.T
                      Name : Zerith
                      Server : (S11) Banshee Wetlands
                      Class : Archer

                      Guild : Pride

                      im just a student sooo i dont have money


                      • #12
                        disappointed with wings too o.o r2 should make wings possible for non-cash too


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                          another fine point for the publisher: at worldboss now the cash guys make even more damage -> less money for 0,8ers and below -> less money for server -> more people need to buy. and alchemy isnt that expensive for that lil money huh?! ;p


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                            Well i thought cashers had a big advantage before but now wow im really considering quitting the game wont be no fun no more too many casher bullies and overly strong people and all these companies are intrested in money ~Money makes the world go Round~ <<<<-- thats as true as it gets,o well On to Another game goodluck r2 not goin to be many non-cashers playing anymore when no cashers are set up to fail and be weak at this game ...hahaa -_-


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                              i dont think wings make you OP...

                              Click image for larger version

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