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Dimensional war eyes where are the bound balen mines?

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  • Dimensional war eyes where are the bound balen mines?

    So tired of getting eyes in the dimensional wars & finding nothing except merchant's......where are the bound balen mines?....I will not buy anything from the dimension merchants...but a bound balen mine once in a blue moon would be nice or did the devs nerf them, knowing these devs it is very possible
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    im so sorry.. got a bit hugnry watching the hockey WM so I ate the mines, mums.. left the eys tho
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      i found 2 mines last week but I find a lot of empty ones


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        the mine s show up random and could sit in every kind of dim (light /dark/fire ect ) some are empty and some give good luck , but .. they are there somewhere


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          can get mines probably 1 of 1 to 50, depends on luck., yet mines still exist.


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            betterremove the empty eyes no need for those as they are rare anyway... just annoying to find a eye after doing 20 dim and then it turned out to be empty.. but wait it fits in the strategy of R2 devs how can we annoy players