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Is that possible??? player lev 43????

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    The thing that others have mentioned is the C.Tokens. I doubt that lvl 43 can clear catas to get 190 tokens. You need a ton for all that gear


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      your all stupid, he isn't a cheater unless you show me his whole character, show me ss of each item, mount, astrals etc. Your all jumping the gun. If you do think he's cheating file a ticket instead of crying wolf


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        well there is so many weird things about this game and it's "pay to win" aspect..i can expect more than this..but the question is:is there is a limit enforced by game mechanism to this? i mean is there is a max to guild skill tower so ppl will stop BUYING GOLD with BALENS,max their guild skills and get overpowered?


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          if you are going to accuse people of cheating, then fine... but file tickets if nothing is done, drop the issue because posting all over the forums about it, will not do anything.
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            Its possible with cheap balens, or maybe he is Son Of Bill Gates aka rich guy

            Btw this thread will be closed, thanks.
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              Click image for larger version

Name:	PaRXykO.png
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              This is me. No pots. As you can see I don't have the shiny legendaries... I could have better astrals and my guild skills still need finishing. But I'm pretty much an equal to his build. It's possible.
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                they are cash users but to beat em fast you need to be fast hands


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                  Closing in on 29K BR at level 42 myself... I can't wait till the day I'm called a haxxor... \ô.Ô/ ^_^