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Are Archers Doomed to Knights?

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  • Are Archers Doomed to Knights?

    I'm coming up on level 50 and I keep running into knights and absolutely get stonewalled my them. With their shield and rebound it's seeming like it's a lost cause in being able to beat them.

    Any advice on how to attack them better would be appreciated.

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    It's akin to knights asking how to effectively take out mages - and mages to defeat archers. It's an uphill battle.


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      you want to do more damage to them than they can do to poison arrow and scatter shot to deal with their defences and arrow strike / multi shot and bloodthirsty strike, plus holy seal.....
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        Short answer, yes.

        Long answer, pretty much what KnowingEyes7 said. If you want to beat knights, shore up your PDef. But then you'll start to be weaker against mages.

        There's so such thing as having your cake and eat it.

        For any class, you'll have a class which you are vulnerable to.
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          Rightly said condor.. But i do beat knights quite frequently ( infact most of times .. ) except for exceptionally skilled knights and mages ( u can read cashier ) and i didn;t yet spend a single dime on the game.. i am archer reached lvl 50 a day or so back and quite happy with how things are at the moment.. To answer to the question.. u asked..

          Use vouchers and the power potion at Wb .. dont miss them .. lvl up ur knights to around ur lvl and then maximise guild contri on power and def and endurance .. forget rest... ( but gold boost should be first priority )..

          Buy orange astrals of pattk, pdef, mattk, sniper, and determination in that order ..

          dedciate 2 world bosses money to guild contribution and one world boss money to astrals .. ( u should be able to get 300k+ for ur lvl each time)

          What ever rest of the money u get from quests and all ....use them on wheel to get items.. if possible ( read if u got soc rods) use hem one on each armour.. dont put 3 socs on one item .. it doesnt help .. I use pattk and hp only.. rest forget unless u r a cashier

          I do that and i am good ... my lvl ranking is 183 and my br ranking is 133 ... ( my br just crossed 27k ... and i am crusader and yet to get the mount and medallion.. and i am sure i will get more strong once i get them)...

          as for the skills .. u need to get ur scatter shot.. and use it and then if it is on cd stop skilling the knight.. it will lead in more damage to urself.. wait pateintly building up ur rage and then use health runes and block runes.. if possilbe lvl 1 rage runes .. as soon as knight comes out of sheild use delphic .. and kill him/her in one shot. Well it works for me.. even if i dont use runes.. .. but it is far easy to face a ,mage and archer than facing a knight
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            I would love to see a knight you can kill with one delphic -.-

            It is a cat and mouse game really. I f the knight has a tank spec on then you lose. -7% damage and 5% crit rate on that knight is hard to push through. And lets be honest archers, if you cant kill those knights asap, you die


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              sadly but true.
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                I am a knight and the only way archers can beat a good knight is by having much higher patk than there pdef. That is really the only way to pass our defenses.


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                  i agree with oxykotton. Anyway from teh descriptions of the classes tha order is knight takes archer, archer takes mage and mage takes knight. But a higher patk and good pdef is good for archers to beat knights. Ofc we r talking about ''regular'' knights and not ''beast'' knights


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                    well.. we are not goign to sit idle are we till th knight wears us down . we damage continuously .. then only way to make lot of damage is delphic at the moment and if it critics all the more so..
                    Did i say it is easy? I have patk of nearly 10k .. so may be i am able to beat but a few of them.. when against knights we need to use brain more than brawn is all i ma saying.. and also nothing like step 1,2,3 and u win.. what i described is what i normally do.. the best way to win against knight would be within a few seconds of the 50% damage.. once u cross that .. u r dead .. no matter what u do ..
                    And please note that i didnt say i can do that against a knight with good build or cashier knights ..



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                      Archer got Crit dmg, but compared to knight, a little bit less def
                      Enjoy the Game


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                        Yeah knights win if they spend as much as you, same with mages


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                          hummm knights are very tough for we little archers! However they are beatable when a similar level. I do feel that knights are a tad too strong, as there attack is much different to an archers whilst there defence tends to be a lot higher.

                          Sooo.. how do you combat that.....

                          If a knight shields scatter shot them, to remove it... one move and its gone, vanished... i love scatter and cant believe I havent seen it more considering its effectiveness (it also works on those pesky mages suntoria move)!!

                          Now, its a race to the finish line. I would suggest using blood thirst early on if the knight is standing behind his troops as they will give u much more hp back. Then you want to get rid of them asap. Tip. DO not use multi shot if the knight has one troop left almost dead, as for some reason the system makes u hit them twice even if they have 100 hp lol.

                          You then just need to see which moves are more effective. I find that deep freeze is very useful when the 50% damage kicks in.

                          PS: the above is a guide to help you win more battles, its not a definite winning method but it definitely works! What people seem to forget is the use of logic, you cant smash a knight, as they are built to with stand damage, so you need to play smart, and use all available skills and moves at the right time, and this should tip the balance on our side. It does for me, but im level 48 and can beat lvl 52 knights, fairly regularly.

                          I hope this helps. Remember your damage is important. I see many archers raising there defences, even though thats not what our characters are made for... YES... we need defence but our defence should be our offence!!!

                          PPS: mages are under rated for some reason they dominate BG all the time, as they wipe troops in an instant, so ur then left with an annoying 1v3 situation, which is why hitting high level attack scores is important. I do not no how my attack compares to others my level in other servers but im at 9k+ attack and nobody under level 50 can touch me (in my opinion and from what ive seen).

                          To conclude u want scatter at level 2, as i dont think 3 is essential, aside from maybe cata.

                          GL to all u superstar archers.
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                            I think the biggest problem Archer has compared to the other classes is that we have some very Rage heavy moves & we are the slowest to gain Rage compared to the other classes, 2 & 5 being our basic unless we crit then we gain 7 & 10 meanwhile, the minimum a mage makes is 8 & I believe its 10 for a Knight, however we can still compete, we just have to play smarter.


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                              ^ thats a fairly good point rage moves are fairly expensive, considering rain does damage to all targets and cost 16 rage (maybe 18) if u start with 30 they obviously have an advantage, but use my guide and you will win more
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