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Knight or Angel?

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  • Knight or Angel?

    What is the best for mage troops? Knight or Angel??

  • #2
    knights, since mages are squishy, also you can heal the knights


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      As R2 said...Knights are actually able to take the damage that everyone else will deal to you so there is no reason to use Angels.


      • #4
        for BG, angel are much better than knight


        • #5
          Knights will tank for you.
          Angels will possibly heal you.

          There are parts in game where one is better than the other and vice versa. I use both.
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            I have actually never found a situation where Angels are better, the only location would be in Cata but Knights still seem to do better there for me


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              thing is, it's no point saying well angels can heal, so can mages, and thats why they go for knights as they are more tanky against your counter part which is pdef. Knights will take awhile to battle through your troops while you are able to destroy him. As for archers, there random target can catch you sometimes but you would wipe his troops out and he would be vulnerable, while you will still have more dps with 2 knights and you attacking him.