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    I think that farm is ok as it is, with the exception that the hand on farm friend list appears BEFORE the crops actually bloom.
    Yes, I noticed it several times when I scrolled through the list of farm friends, going to a ready to harvest friend and the first seed started to bloom.
    And I am not a stalker.

    The only thing I agree about the farm issue is prevent others from seeing the clock.
    I don't mind getting ripped if it is pure luck, but I hate when someone notes down the time my nirvana gold seeds bloom...


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      This suggestion would bring them a good amount of buyers, I'm sure.

      Still, the price for roses after nuking friendlist would be greater, I think.
      The Last Remnant OSTs Go!!!



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        speaking of roses, being able to grow them would be nice too! 1 for a 4 hr n 3 for a 12 hr but i digress from the op topic!

        a 2 min safety net would be great on the farm! so often during last farm event i was there waiting for 7mins or so, plants spawned n were robbed already! so +1 from me on that


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          it would be good to have a visible timer to see the progress of your crops in your city, wilds and on runs (MP / PVP etc.) so that you can time your activities and protect your harvest.