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Chocobo Fail

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    Yeah, but that all takes way more time than I had available during finals week. ^_^ It's all good - really, I'm pretty impatient, so I was kinda enjoying getting to finish enchanting my ring all at once lulz. But gratz to you for managing I know how much time and effort that had to have taken. *hugs*
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      Originally posted by Flugel- View Post
      1 char with no ballens spent in april's event = 120-140 seed = 1200-1820 spirit (10-13 each)
      take 2-3 of ur friend's char(lv 30-40 is enough) who quit from their quest(play around 1 hour everyday) to get the seed..del their friends, so wont steal by other except u

      steal other seed (steal or not,it doenst matter; sometimes ur seed stealed by other but u'll get the change)
      u can get around 2000++ spirit (i got 2714 at the end, playing 3 char, me n 2 of retired char)
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        Originally posted by Ashanie View Post
        idk about you all but when i see it i call it the kfc mount
        Yup - we call it the "Colonel Sanders"


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          Originally posted by AyaSnow View Post
          So I failed to obtain the chocobo. This screenshot though? Totally worth it.

          Wow!! Nice!! The level 5 magic defense gem,hp gem, and physical attack gem are so cool!!! XD
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            Hello ayasnow! Said hi to you on one of the GA match today ^^


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              Save the gold for Patch 1.51 Part 3, pop it all after Red Astrals come out then go to town clicking lol.

              I got about 2.3mil gold extra in chests after got the chicken plan to use it on 1.51 p3


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                Nevermind. Did arithmetic.
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