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Suggestion on Honor and Battlegrounds at higher levels

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  • Suggestion on Honor and Battlegrounds at higher levels

    I've noticed in the 50 plus battlegrounds that there are an inordanate number of higher level players camping the spawn areas and attacking the same individuals over and over again because they know they can easily beat them and earn honor while at the same time causing the other player to lose hundreds of honor points at the same time. While there is nothing against this in the contect of the game, I believe the honor rewards and penalties are out of line with each other for this type of activity. It has gotten so bad recently taht many people on multiple servers don't even participate in battlegrounds any more.

    I would suggest that a more fair way to handle the honor system overall in battle grounds with multiple attacks on the same person would be something similar to the below
    - On first combat, the attacker risks the exact same amount of honor as they would win if they won the battle (e.g. if they would earn 30honor if they won, then they would lose 30honor if they lost. The one being attacked could lose no more than half of the honor at risk (e.g in this case 15 honor point
    - On each subsequent attack, the attacker would have the same reward (30 if they won) but would lose an additional 50% if they lost (e.g. second attack = 45 honor lost, 3rd= 60 honor lost etc) , the defender would lose a decreasing amount of honor for the attack by 10% (e.g. 2nd loss 27 honor loss, 3rd = 24 etc)

    Something similar to the above would discourage bullying and encourage more people to participate in BG.

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    Those 'bullies' exists in every BG lvl span, example the 3X guy with grim reaper.
    For the most extreme, example me. I've not held myself back but I still get about 30-35 kills in 5X BG, and I don't lose to those I kill, (unless somebody with higher battle capability charte on me) so this wouldn't really affevt those who as you say 'Camping'
    (IMO that terms doesn't make justice to the effort they spend making stronger chars in lower lvls)
    I'm qlittle above average 42k BR mage, and I barly, if ever. (Again) get killed in BGs by peoples (I do NOT just fight 20-30k Brs, pretty often attack those with same as me.
    But those that hold back lvl and got, what, 50-55k BR in 59 (example) wouldn't be so much affected by this.

    Not trying to stomp suggestion to the ground, just that your suggestion is meant to benefit middle-los strenghtes peoples, aye? While trying to get rid of campers. I'm merely tring to highlight why 'campers' wouldn't be that affected by this...
    Not mentioning a 'camper' often lose a lot more honor when he/she get killed the normal way..

    Also, are R2 allowed to make such large changements like these?
    I've always wondered if BG change was R2 or 7Road ._,
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    Mage: Existence (G.M)
    BR: 113k-ish 70 set's done!!


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      its a pvp map.. and you call others "bully".. -_- its nature of that map to kill others..

      i heard the farm has no PK on it.. why not try hanging out there.. ^_^ just kidding


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        I think you should reverse it.
        So those with Dryads gain less honor and those killed by Dryads lose less honor lol


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          Originally posted by ElusionM View Post
          I think you should reverse it.
          So those with Dryads gain less honor and those killed by Dryads lose less honor lol
          +1 to that


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            Just make camping illegal.
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