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Special Runes

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  • Special Runes

    Now its just a baby idea in my mind, but how about a subset of special runes, to be used in a similar fashion to spire event, except that the player would have to somehow earn the right (by level or some other means) to use them and then actually get the runes themselves. Another thought would be to have a selection of partial runes, which, combined in some way make a whole new rune that can be used in subset.

    For example:

    Standard set: partial rune A x 2 + partial rune B = Rage Rune lev 6 ( a boosted version of lev 5 )

    Sub set: partial rune A + partial rune C + partial rune E = Resurrection Rune ( what would be even cooler is no-one knows what makes what, it would certainly up forum activity for a little time anyhow as peeps post the combinations, lol )

    And I think it should be said that revenue could be made on this ;P though i hope you don't close it down so much for the non-paying player should you implement this suggestion

    The options are quite limitless I think

    Anyhow, just an idea

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    There is a rune system coming in 1.6

    Don't know if it is the same as what your suggesting, but that's what were getting