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    no matter how we plan, something always seems to go wrong in spire to keep us from getting past lvl8. someone always lags out when its their turn to ult the boss (has happened to me a few times), we overkill the boss and end up with 30 seconds of cd left when we need to kill the last bar, or someone doesn't understand the concept of what you have to do to remove the buffs from the bosses after 5. it can be infuriating but after i've calmed down a bit, it's usually been hilariously funny in retrospect. day before yesterday we had such a huge comedy of errors it's a wonder we made it to level 7, but we did.

    what's your funniest spire story of failure?

    day before yesterday, my archer buddy and i decided to take a couple of people with us who were about 10k br lower than us (we're both at 50k br, i'm a knight). we spent more time than usual deciding who would do what when, but we managed to reach an understanding (or so we thought) and went in. bosses 1 & two were uneventful (as they should be unless you're not even trying) and we were into boss 3 and things looked good...but the mage not a big deal since i was tanking and boss 3 doesn't really do much damage...except for the fact that miss mage was supposed to ult boss 3's last bar. when it finally dawned on us that she had dced, we tried to get the other archer to vulcan and ult instead but... oh well...we'll get em next time. my archer buddy was up for this ult and i was his backup in case he didn't crit. i'm not really paying attention to chat because i'm using my mental powers trying to hurry up the cd on my dd (which worked, suprisingly), and just as the timer on my dd hit "0" i looked up expecting to see the little red shield appear above my archer buddy but... had i been paying attention to chat i'd have noticed that archer buddy was too busy chewing out little archer to notice that it was his turn to ult...

    needless to say, that run was a bust...

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    well, it wasn't funny for us. But I suppose those who read might find it funny

    my team and I was at the 9th boss. AND BOOM! the game did ultimegakill-combo.
    All 4 of us got simulantaneous crash (did I spell the word correct?)... and well, it's a story!

    Lols, yea I've had the problem with rune using when going with random peoples :/

    There was this mage that found it funny (or something) to use a rune. JUST when we tell him not to, HE USE just THAT rune we tell him not to, and when he ask "I use this?" we say no. He BAM! use -_-
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      Okay, listen my story (not only my)... We enter spire with party which can easy pass lvl 9 boss, but die in lags, coz all have freeze screen. Thats all, ty.
      Luckyâ„¢ s63 archer


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        Some ppl dont use those free runes and others on wrong time, even one time i took 2 ppl with me on spire that didnt even do skill, surprisingly with just 2 active players (me a mage and friend archer) we managed to reach lvl5 in spire then died O.o with lots off luck, using normal en free runes at just the perfect time and getting a revive rune from the treasure thing...
        The 2 'inactives' didnt dc btw, they just liked the free ride, so warned my friend not to take those with them...


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          that actually brings up the situation where a noob who hasn't done a particular dungeon doesn't speak up and say "i've never done this before, is it ok if i come with you" or "can you tell me what to do?" today we did spire with someone who had done it before but wasn't exactly sure what to do and was soooo nice that they asked questions and actually did what we told them to do. we all have a first time in a dungeon, i make it a point to say ahead of time "who wants to take me on my first xxx" and only go with people i know, that way there are no surprises for anybody.


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            ots also good to help others learn we normally don't start dungeon till were sure every one nos what there doing the dc glitch is a pain in the ***


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              I mostly got that lag at level 9that we pass i think when you enter and go refresh there wont be that freeze screen ultra lag.


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                took some lower levels with my 40k br mage, got 2 treasure thiefs along the way, each of us had 3 revives !!!!!!!!!! too bad our tank (which was an archer) was only 20K br. we brought that bast.ard back to life 12 times and still couldn't beat lvl 5


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                  ^ A lesson for you all... don't go with people half your BR >.>
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                    i would recommended archer tanking some fo the bboss hit might hard and a lot of archer s just don't have the hp pool to take it