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    Originally posted by CondorHero View Post
    I don't think this was R2's original intention. IMO, their motive was to maximize profit.

    However, it does have the effect which you just said. The end result is that moderate cashers do not get so far ahead of non-cashers. AND, heavy cashers do not max. everything out now.
    I think it may be. They are perversely smart.
    You perfect nailed the result, though.
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      Originally posted by DeathRiver View Post
      where else do I get my stress relieve then?
      Try a gold gym membership, it's cheaper
      Telstar - Lv74 Archer - 93k BR blessed - Lord Divine (wartune-s80)

      I'm a figment of your imagination.
      I do not exist.
      For real.


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        Originally posted by Telstar View Post
        Try a gold gym membership, it's cheaper
        Go to the Gym 4 days a week, don't need more tyvm. And listening to whiners is also free, cheaper than a Gold Gym Membership.
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          I've paid about $300 for this game. I've stopped buying any more stuff, but.... it was cheaper than the 8
          playstation games i would have bought and been bored with in a week.


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            Originally posted by Unified_Serenity View Post
            My current frustration is how they have set up bg. There is NO way you can compete against lvl 74 player at lvl 67. So, you run around and try to get crystals. You can undress and go for dryad blessing and then atk high lvl but that is not fun to me. I was really hoping they would make bg 60 - 64 65-69.... 70 - 74 75-79 etc.. But nope, they throw us in against ppl we have no chance of beating who spawn camp. Arena is a friggin joke with it's matching system and stun. There is NO competition when you cannot even fight despite having high HS yourself which can't compete against players way above you. I am a moderate casher and it's just not fun anymore. I really love my guild buddies etc and other friends in the game, but it's just getting to the point you can't even do mp runs without special gear that takes 1200 loids just to synth it! Then they put loids on sale and it would cost easily 100 to 150 bucks to buy em! This is ridiculous!
            I agree with you 100%.
            BG and Arena are now both jokes.
            2 of the many reasons I am leaving the game.


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              *** i aint never seen anyone go to the store and complain they got to pay for milk. are they suppose to work for free? if u spent your time making computer programs i would assume you would want to get paid. am i right? ***** isnt free anywhere. if u went to school u would know the phrase there is no such thing as a free lunch. they do give out free items but its no point in complaining about someone working so you can have something to do in your spare time, its not fair. like i said if i came to your door and asked you to give me your car keys i bet you would see a problem with that. geez some people have money to blow dont be jealous cause they got it.......... MAKE IT RAIN ON THEM HOES
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                i know right people complain about everything how people who pay tons of money arent suppose to be better than they are lol


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                  Originally posted by Dovkan View Post
                  (Let me just say that I am posting this due to my building anger over the current state of the game)
                  You can try to deny or counter argue what I am about to post, but everyone reading this post knows
                  what I am saying is completely true, and why I still play the game completely astonishes me. Maybe its
                  the fact that I have devoted to much time before realizing the game has been nothing but a "cash cow"
                  The developers are laughing at us, the players, as we continue to sink money into this game, when they
                  profit off of everything. The amount of money they make could be used to provide some half decent
                  content instead of the half assed updates they provide us which all are aimed towards balens. Take the
                  1.6 update, The "class wars" which gives you the option to wager balens, and the supposed "tank wars" which requires balens to be competitive. Then there is the clothing system, which basically slaps fancy
                  balens items in your face, wanting you to pay balens for cosmetic clothing, which happens to give rage boost and other advantages. Then you have to pay balens to
                  upgrade the clothing, which is more of a slap in the face. Let alone the wings which cost $20 alone, and also require balens to upgrade. Then their is the straight out pay to win element which we all are
                  ignorant of. Being competitive is a joke, unless you dish out real cash. The top player on my server, according to my calculations based on clothing and other factors, as dished out a total of 4 grand. 4
                  grand on a freaking browser game created by a greedy company. The game has no real content updates, and the game is nothing but a cash cow, as I stated before. You can try to disagree with some of my more opinionated responses, but I make a strong point, the main point being: The game is pay to win, and the developers are cashing in, releasing updates which emphasize mainly on balens.
                  The cost of the items suppose to be affordable like the original 7 road company, some of the items in game are 5 times - 10 times or even 12 times higher compare to the China servers.