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Quick Tank Question: is there away to target enemies with keyboard?

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  • Quick Tank Question: is there away to target enemies with keyboard?

    i know if you keep hitting attack buttons after someone dies it will auto target next closest enemy, but is there away to switch targets via keyboard? Sometimes it is hard to click on them.

    Also just wanted to double check but does napalm/ice spikes hurts friendlies as well though. Not sure about thunder bomb either on that.

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    As far as I know there isn't a way to target with keyboard but possible I'm simply not aware of it if there is one. The AoE weapons like napalm/ice spikes do not damage your teammates.


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      If your current target dies - it'll auto target the next closest live enemy. Not sure you can chose a target with keyboard only.
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        It would be nice if we can switch with tab like in most mmorpg it will be even faster that way while you click once i could of moved with tab over the whole team xD.Dont think it will be hard to be done.


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          For single target skills: press them and they will fire.


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              Lol that's pretty stupid butthead, cause you're gonna need the runes for starters, and secondly when your new mage gets to 35, you're gonna need to do it again too