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Sylph Atoll - Welcome to botter heaven.

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    it is so easy to get a blue sylph atm with the 30x fireworks for 40 mahra so if you know your not going to get 220x fireworks for the mount then trade for those.

    i am a casher and i won't ever use a bot as they against toS as i don't want to lose the account.

    btw league of angels makes wartune cheap. that one has taken title of most expensive game ever created
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    Guild: Sicario


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      Agreed. WT is actually not that expensive relative to some other games out there. I actually started playing WT cause it was cheaper...

      Last game I played cost $5 per try to +9 gear with 0.5% chance, and there's no luck stone. It literally took $1k to enchant each piece of gear.


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        thanks to this thread, there are more botters in wartune. People became aware, and is now finding out how to do it.

        Devs should limit the essences/drops that can be gained from atoll, like 100 a day or smth.


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          Simple solution to get rid of botters, just kill them out. its what i do i attack everyone even my own guildies idgaf!