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joining a guild

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  • joining a guild

    hey all

    i want to suggest a cd for when ppl change guild so they cant do Guild battle the same week.

    Im asking this because of the gb winner are now sending his best players to the 3-5th guild so the can win agenst my guild the 2th best and he are only doing it because we are close to win over his guild now + the 40mins fights on fridays.

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    That rule is already, however if the player/players get kicked, that rule/cd is not available anymore, and I doubt it will be made a " restriction " for it.
    So far I haven't seen people doing that, and I wouldn't find a reason ( unless top guild is friend with another weak guild and wants to help it, but yea...very few cases like that. )
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      still if there only are a few that dosen mean that they dont need to think about it but then again the guild master og the re tarded guild is 4-7 in cross servers and we all know that they dont want to make crazy balenors mad but where the fair play in just sending ur best player to a other guild just so there are no change for them to win in gb