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suggestion for new titles

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  • suggestion for new titles

    I'm playing at Kongregate, mentioning that as i know there are different versions of wartune here and there. So to the topic: As the range of titles in game is pretty limited, and most of them are either quite easy, or extremely hard to get, i propose to add additional titles, that would make the game much more fun for players and would bring variety to the currently existing title system.


    Myrmidon – 10 000 pvp kills (counting kills in arena/bg/gb)

    Butcher – 5000 bg kills
    Gladiator – 5000 arena wins
    Warlord – 10 000 arena wins

    Witch hunter – kill 1000 mages
    Bounty hunter – kill 1000 archers
    Assassin – kill 1000 fighters

    Backstabber – 1000 one hit kills

    The insane – attacking own team members in arena due to chaos rune 100 times


    Paladin – 10 000 campaign/dungeon monster kills
    Lightbringer 100 000 campaign/dungeon monster kills

    Hunter – 100 boss fight participant
    Trophy hunter – 1000 boss fight participant

    Gravedigger – enter catacombs 100 times


    Bandit – 100 successful plunders
    Thug – 500 successful plunders
    Highwayman – 1000 successful plunders
    Marauder – 5000 successful plunders

    Miner – 200 mines occupied
    Aggressive miner – 200 mines conquered from other players
    Goldsmith – 1000 mines occupied


    Lucky bastard – 10 000 critical hits
    Healer – 10 000 heals
    Shieldmaster – 10 000 blocks

    Destroyer – X points combined damage dealt (medium achievement – same difficulty as elite crusader)
    Annihilator – x points combined damage dealt (difficult achievement – same difficulty as lord divine)

    Buddhist – 20 days without a kill (in both pvp and pve, but requires being online at least once every day)
    Zen master – 100 days without a kill (in both pvp and pve, but requires being online at least once every day)

    Nolifer – 1000 hours online
    Rich kid – 1000 $ spent
    Mogul – 10 000 $ spent
    Persistent – 5000 deaths
    Stubborn – 10 000 deaths
    Treasurer – 1 000 000 000 gold spent (combined)
    Stonemason – collect 1000 lucky stones (whatever level, all 1000 must be present at the same time in inventory)
    Runemaster – collect 5000 runestone
    Lover – send out 100 roses
    Casanova – send out 1000 roses

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    Really nice suggestions, not sure if R2 ever considers players suggestions but those are good
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      Ex-pert - reached 179 talents & 800 mill stacked
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        This actually looks good.
        Zen Master sounds pretty intense(that title sounds epic), especially since this is a pvp game

        Nolifer – 1000 hours online
        i've probably been online for 10,000hours in total+
        300K ish BATTLE RATINGS

        NON CASHER


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          These suggestions sound as though they have taken some time to think up. For that, I admire the idea.
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            Originally posted by DorianneGray View Post
            Assassin – kill 1000 fighters
            Lucky bastard – 10 000 critical hits
            Buddhist – 20 days without a kill (in both pvp and pve, but requires being online at least once every day)
            Casanova – send out 1000 roses
            . i like them
            Sarcasm Intended


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              And I may add

              GOOD SAMARITAN - Helped 100 times in mpd without spending attempt
              OLD TIMER - been playing for over a year
              VETERAN - qualified in top 100 in CW 3 times


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                to be honest, when I first read the title I was thinking I was gonna get trolled with "Balenor's Biggest Money Burner" or stuff like that but I really like your ideas with the vast titles. Nice job!
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                  Originally posted by doriannegray View Post

                  butcher – 5000 bg kills
                  gladiator – 5000 arena wins
                  warlord – 10 000 arena wins

                  witch hunter – kill 1000 mages
                  bounty hunter – kill 1000 archers
                  assassin – kill 1000 fighters

                  backstabber – 1000 one hit kills

                  the insane – attacking own team members in arena due to chaos rune 100 times

                  gravedigger – enter catacombs 100 times

                  thug – 500 successful plunders

                  lucky bastard – 10 000 critical hits
                  healer – 10 000 heals
                  shieldmaster – 10 000 blocks
                  gotaa love these titles , awesome lol , i like the the witch hunter and the bastard part


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                    Seem like a good suggestion tbh. Hope they will consider it
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                      Why are there no titles for the farming? You have one for fishing


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                        i like it, but some the requirements are pretty silly since it need at least 500 days playing.
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