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are we finally going to get 9999 stacking with this update?

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    If they wanna drive people out and lose money let them I've played a lot of games and really over 125 dollars to have a full inventory available? Theirs lots of things i would buy, do, but i dont simply because Inv space is a concern. Most gamers love hoarding all types of stuff just because, lol.
    A fair solution would be to change it that every time you recharge that unlocks inventory space, so if you've spent over 125 dollars on recharge you get full inventory. R2 wins the player wins, but just paying for space? That sticks in most peoples throat.

    Oh side note, i now block my inventory up for cats and certain hot event rewards and guild blessing altar, that way the stuff goes to my inventory and unopened stays their for 30 days. It helps with the space problem a lot.
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      9999 Stacks

      Can anyone from S1 tell us if 9999 stacks are in this patch?

      Thx in advance!


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        meh, now that the threads are merged my previous post is moot.
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        Originally posted by Wraithraiser
        Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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          I really want 9999 stack...

          I unlocked all inventory slots, but due to the stack of insignia (won't exchange exp book as exp useless for me now) and soul crystal, my empty spaces always <10 slots

          has r2 considered about this? now not only new players, even old players like me facing inventory problem
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          Casual playing now, not gonna spend too much time


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            I'd like to get 9999 stacking, at least then i can utilize my hoarding skills to the max


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              Originally posted by Arlad View Post
              meh, now that the threads are merged my previous post is moot.
              just to show you there are many topics regarding this and R2 should show some attention.

              I mainly run out of space due to Insig and Soul Crystal (these 2 takes up 2/3rd of one page)... since you basically have to hoard stuff to actually get stuff, if you throw/use them, you basically screwing yourself over.