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The Dead of Non-cashers

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  • The Dead of Non-cashers

    I saw some posts about the dead of the game and I'll will to suggest something that is Evident, the Dead of non-cashers. Slowly and Slowly we have seen less new non-cashers entering lvl 60s+. Because of the Inventory changes, event, mount sylphs, etc making it almost impossible for non-cashers to complete. I'll say about 1-2 years before no more non-cashers exist.

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    just old non casher be alive like me
    Game : Wartune
    Name: Xias
    Server: Kabam 21 (merged with 18)
    Guild: Redemption
    Class: Knight
    BR: 120.493 with bless and my stronger sylph (lv 74)
    Casher: not ATM (some day xD )
    Sylph. blue iris 5 stars 19.150 BR
    Playing since 28/04/2013


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      Not really.. i will think myself for next year.. maxed fate have a good stable and maxed Soul engrave have a high dragon soul and have a good sylph.. just time thats all this game about.
      Name: Executioner
      Class: Critical Knight
      Sylph: Hercules **
      Server: S42 (Kabam)
      Currently Battle Rate: 251K
      Guild: Paradox


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        non cashers not dead if you wait for right event...saving whips,gems and soul crystals the key.


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          I am not dead. and won t be either anytime soon unless god decided something else.
          Character Name: Purgatory

          Class: Archer

          Guild: VictisHNR

          Server: [S1] Temple of Ibalize

          Signature Line: I am the King of The Worms!


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            this is so not true..
            “Men trust God by risking rejection. Women trust God by waiting.”


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              Time and Money, its not just time to complete. All gems to level 8 without spending any single time it will take you years like 4 or 5, gosh this games is much expense than any other game there is. 300$ spend isn't enough to obtain all the mounts the cloths the wings the gems its never ending promotion and events every month
              that you have to spend a dime. Add that VIP what only it gives is experience from MP dungeon and Solo Campaign that is just biggest idiotic way to be VIP only given you advantages on exp why not from all activities that has exp on it and give some high percentage on gold daru kyanite and much more when become a VIP


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                Humans have a tendency to quit at things they know they will never be the top in, same applies to wartune non-cashers.


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                  Some of you didn't read what he wrote " new non casher " sure there will be alot of those who plays from the start but for new ones yeah that might be true that we won't see them.


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                    we should has gote the new stack system whit 9999 but R2 delay it for some reason i bet ther wil end up say it wil not come to oursite China so ther can keep milk new players money to get more spaces.