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Bound and Unbound items

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  • Bound and Unbound items

    Seriusly, what is the purpose of having bound and unbound items ? There is no trade market, and we cant mail them to friends. Is there going to be any trade function in the future ??

    Type your thoughs here.
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    what does it even mean anyways


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      super epic fail i know right.

      having bound and unbound makes me laugh. but anyways, no trading as of this time(patch)

      well, maybe in the future.. we will never know.


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        go back in the past, r2 removed trading system because it made them lose money, at least that what I've heard


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          yep. and R2 will not take trade system back as far as i know. btw u can go play other sever there are still with trade system or auction.


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            Trade is not coming.
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              Originally posted by CondorHero View Post
              Trade is not coming.
              You don't know that for a fact. They may put an AH since it is already in the files. Saying no there won't be a trading is just telling false statements. There probably won't be any AH anytime soon or ever but we still won't know for a fact until there is some kind of proof. All we know now is that it is "coming soon" since a dev stated it will be out but they don't know when. They may have scraped the whole thing anyway but as I said we on;y have "soon".


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                Trade must come .. Besides r2 can make money from it as china servers do. In cn server they keep the 10% from each trade and its all with balens but yes r2 might lose money but if im not wrong u ll need an unbound scroll to make an item unbound so that can equalize some of the balens they might lose .Besides if they want money they can always make just bring more mounts i ve seen over 15 mounts in cn servers get new clothes and stuff ...But trade is an essentiale part of a game of this kind
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