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[Solution] Lvl. 10 Gem Synthesis Formula Cannot Be Used

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    Originally posted by Kalyrific View Post
    It took you $80 to realize the rewards were pretty bad? Sorry, your complaint is a result of your own doing. Any random event will typically result in a net loss of value. Stick to things you KNOW will benefit you. Daylight robbery? So they 'took' the first $5 or $10, even $20... but you gave them the rest knowingly.
    if in the first 500 balens used u did not get anything good then stop. but the problem is u continue on spending until 8k balens. that is not a problem. but the problem is that after spending u complain. thats an idiot move. u spend and complain. what a jerk


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      can you guys add level 10 gem transporter in game ? if its possible ofcourse, its so frustrating when you are trying to get something few month and still no luck .....