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Wartune 1.5 Part Three May 9th @ 3:00 AM EDT

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    Originally posted by intelinside1 View Post
    Question: Why not release the lvl 65 PvP set?

    Answer: because R2 wants to take advantage of cashiers who will buy the lvl 60 PvE cystaloids and legend stones

    Eventually it will come out so don't spend the money unless you're an idiot!
    Another ignorant person. Do research and you will know there no more pvp sets after 55. it isn't bc they are greedy it is bc the original version doesn't even have 65 pvp set. Seriously, if you don't know anything don't post ignorant posts like this.


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      Originally posted by 0xykotton View Post
      Do freaking research already. There is no 65 set pvp. There's none in the original version either. Also red astrals is what I am looking forward to the most.
      Same here to.
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        Originally posted by R22958483 View Post
        the dongeon are both 70-80 not 70-75 and 75-80... played on chinease server so...ya
        and also while i cant guarantee this there is No Summoner in those dongeon ....and u get leg stone from doing NM 70-80 any of them,1 may pay more then the other that i dont know well see once its out

        S1 lvl 75 mage ssore guild VictisHNR
        if theres no summoner.. then what do you suggest i do with all the keys saved up till now? i got a ton of it i believe.. and also, any other ways to get 70 legend stone other than nm 70? how on earth are we going to get 90k br to complete 70 nm lol. im quite lost here


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          This looks horrible, nothing added in to help lower lvls like 50-60 , this is just an update for lvl 70s **** sakes :/


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            what about for rings and jewels? to acquire them how many Crypt tokens?


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              After the Part 3 of the patch.... is the DNS problem going to be solved?...since the merge we are connecting through VPNs....or it will stay that way?....damn R2.... Connections are always Disconnected... so much for Upgrading ad wanting us to Spend more Balens...but your service is POOR...


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                red red red... start collecting points now.


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                  Collecting points 6 weeks ago, here...


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                    Originally posted by dwmedia View Post
                    LOOL Demon templar can man easy done me 3 people. and 1200 crystaloids is not so long time if you do summons.

                    Stop open chest for skeletton keys and save them instent and you get you gear. So long man keep spend the keys man never come forward in this game.

                    Self i have full 60 set now + 1500 crystaloids over some i can change to lvl 6 later in part 3.

                    And take me maby 4 weaks hard grind summons.
                    You are so skilled at wartune!

                    I am not sure it is easy. (is it common to see teams of about 200 000BR and probably more) saying ''easy'' for who ?? ok we're not in the same planet. It is not common despite anyone's questionable claim of easiness. Or if that is easy, ask self how many Other people are able to do the same ??

                    In my server only one person has the full lvl60 set!!!!!!!

                    but its my fault!!!! I spend my skeleton keys ??
                    Without the VIP wheel, it runs out too quickly. There MUST be more skeleton keys for non-cash IMO. (its just that I'M poor lazy bastard, please don't remind me)

                    I don't understand can tell me its easy just : SACRIFICE MOST OF YOUR SOLO AND MP TREASURES.
                    Is it still easy if I spit on my fun of opening a damn chest for my 3 runs?
                    Now I am supposed to think it is easy ?

                    --------I wish when people reply they start arguing about facts not attacking the author of the post.-------------


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                      Good LUck with the PAtch....damn maybe it will make the game more ******* horrible with your DNS that SUCKS... is this normal R2 after 2 weeks of waiting?... DC after 5 mins of loading the game?..damn maybe it's part of the patch... to make it exciting huh?


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                          6-8 hours??

                          maybe 10 hours or 12 hours lol


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                            Whats Rename Card?


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                              Originally posted by ARKA_Stark_Wartune View Post
                              Whats Rename Card?
                              Perhaps it allows you to change your nickname.
                              In-game problems? File a ticket ! |
                              Please use Search button before opening a new topic!
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                              I am back. I am the Lion that roars throughout the night."


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                                When will you make the homestead useful?