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Flash EOL

Attention: Adobe has blocked flash content from playing beginning January 12th. Please update to new client version 1.1.2.
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    As this is NOT Maintenance, there better be compensation given to all affected..


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      Some games are experiencing technical difficulties. The issue is currently being worked on.
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        Hey MemoryLane

        The game is crashed again after server reset and daily events all messed up. It's not behaving as after server reset. Trials are not reset after 00:00 server time


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          broken again indeed .... can't get back in after server reset ...


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              Hi are there any updates? I'm still not able to log in to server 8, I've tried different browsers and the client....


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                Is not broken, it is something with R2 itself. My husband didn't refresh game and is currently alone on the server (as it seems) and doing his stuff and killing drakes. In the past we had a few times the same issue (when I played Wartune and ones with this game), Always solved within a hour so I wonder why it is now taken so long. Did R2 forget to pay the electric bills or whatever?


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                  IGN: BoSaNaC

                  SERVER: Crimson Folly (S34)


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                    We are aware of the issue, and it has been reported. The team is working on a solution to fix the connection issues. Please, be patient in the meantime, Thank you!
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