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Dragon Awaken html5 upgrade status?

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  • Dragon Awaken html5 upgrade status?

    I don't facebook and all my searches point me to facebook to obtain the status on the html5 upgrade status. 1. What is the status and 2. Why isn't it all discussed in the forum? Thanks in advance.

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    According to the other platform, the devs are estimating sometime after the 5th Anniversary, which is in March. Do note that this could mean days, weeks, months, etc.

    It's not being discussed on the R2 forum because there is nothing to discuss. It's not R2's project, and we won't have any information that can't be found by searching the internet.
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      Ah ok, makes sense keep forgetting there is the developer and the host and sometimes they are not one in the same. I only asked as the developer made a big deal of it with in game announcement. I just don't use facebook at all so linking updates solely to it makes it difficult for me to stay in the loop. Thank you for the explanation and update.