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  • Topaz

    I brought 2 x 800 topaz on May 8th, 2021 06:32 AM and 06:34 AM and was planning to use it that day. I was charged $19.99 each, a few hours pass and I still don't get the my topaz. So I made ticket asking to get a refund because I don't get the topaz and the day was ending. There was no point getting topaz because I was going to sleep and miss all the rewards.
    The next day May 9th still don't get money back so I send another ticket, then around May 9th, 2021 10:26am I got 2 x 800 topaz. A whole day after when i bought it, Now I don't know what to do it them, when all the rewards I wanted was the day before. I don't know if i should chargeback, and i don't know I will get banned for it. I spend a lot in the last few weekly.
    I don't understand what to do anymore, this is getting annoying

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    R2 cannot issue a refund. A chargeback will either result in not being able to recharge again, or a ban, depending on the situation. Tickets can take up to 72 hours to be responded to, especially when the ticket is sent during the weekend. Please have patience.
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      This is so stupid, bought topaz and get charged. Don't get topaz and had to wait 24+ hours and get nothing for it. So you telling i missed all the rewards and it's me problem now. Nice support services. You could have ask what days I wanted the topaz but no. You just give it and missed rewards/event