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How to complete a morale mission

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  • How to complete a morale mission

    I have the mission to increase the morale of a settlement. I have sent all my 4 heroes there but nothing happens. Worse still, I don't know how to reinforce them with archers/mages/etc because it says that "you cant reinforce heroes that are in garrison". Any ideas?

  • #2
    To complete a morale quest, click the questionmark above the city and send out troops to defete the enemy. this must be done twice.
    If your troops are in a city that isn't done with the morale, or you are in a sentry, you can't reinforce.


    • #3
      I figured it out afterwards. Cheers!!


      • #4
        How do i send troops to the reqired morale city pls. Ive clicked on ? and clicked garrison then nothing. Im confused.


        • #5
          If the way is blocked you can't......if the way isn't send 1 troop to the town click on the "?". Nothing else to inform anybody about Morale quest than what was typed above and what i typed.


          • #6
            bsr impossible de faire morall pouver vous expliquer poiny par point merci


            • #7
              I'm trying to send troops to start a morale mission but all I see is an empty pop up screen entitled select troops. However, my troops are not registering on that screen. Anybody know how to work this problem?


              • #8
                I am having the same problem as the above post.
                When i open the morale portale I just get a black screen saying add troops but no where to add troops I need to complete Moral 3 times to progress in game.


                • #9
                  the game does not work