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Every single server down

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  • Every single server down

    All servers seem to be down. It says for maintenance but there was no notice of any and every one at the same time?

    Nicholas Perago S25

    UPDATE: An hour later, all servers are still down. Not a word anywhere about why or when they will be back. Meanwhile, the npc seiges are still happening and everybody will be losing cities to them because they can't get on to defend. Compensation this time had better be huge!
    Last edited by chrysim55; 07-01-2020, 10:31 PM.

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    Down for me as well.


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      yep here too, I realy hope they will fix the damn bugs, like the damn music cant be turned off, sometimes when composing an equitment the whole damn game freezes and by the way, when you do events, there always event you have to pay real money for to participate, I will not spend any more money for a game that is bugging so heavyly. And the crest item drop is drasticly lowered, sometimes you need 20 atemps to get one single item, for a crest part you need 25 ! peaces of every single item. just to pull money out of our pockets? will not work, if the game doesnt chage I will quit my two accounts. And I realy hope this **** today will not last 24 hours like the last **** with the damn black screen! there was no commitment from R2, not even some ressources or diamonds. wich is a worste way of treading youre players after make a good part of it loosing a whole day or even more!


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        Yes, this is f-ing B.S. As Vizier on [S38] Laveswan Town I arranged for coverage of all 3 raid cities but when I FINALLY could log on again, I had lost 3 DIFFERENT cities, including a capital !!!! The devs changed the siege targets when the game went into maintenance !!! How dare you !!! Now I have a 900 strong black capital city to recover. Again, this is f-ing B.S.
        Last edited by piluso; 07-01-2020, 11:59 PM.


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          still cant log on


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            This is **, no excuse for the game to be down this long, if this is the quality of the site, makes you wonder how secure their servers are with our payment information. I don't think I can trust them to securely handle payments anymore.


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              Dave sent in a request told me to log in to the main site. Yeah, that does not work. The server numbers are different and no clear path to logging in that way. They also told me to send in a picture of the screen not logging in. basically it was useless information.


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                Still out, this sucks


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                  no connecting to all servers I'm playing on, I am so done with this **** same happend when the last time a game was updated to fourth age, we lost 3 to 5 days with no log in, and no excuse and no compensation given! If this is going to happen again, I will let paypal retrackt all my last payments. No server no money!


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                    I'm not experiencing your issue connecting to the servers. Please, provide time-stamped screenshots, your server, and in-game name. Thank you.
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