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east coast server anytime soon?

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  • east coast server anytime soon?

    any east coast servers opening soon?

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    At this time all will remain US west, no plans yet for another region sorry.


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      dam cash itching to relive the old wartune days USeast style .... ok ill check back in a month thanks.


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        Originally posted by vilanov View Post
        dam cash itching to relive the old wartune days USeast style .... ok ill check back in a month thanks.
        Haha glad to hear your passion but we don't as R2 control what regions are released.


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          Have R2 asked?
          If they don't want to locate machines elsewhere, ie if they have there own server farm in California or something and don't want the add expense of using an external cloud provider such as Azure or AWS then I think most people would still rather have machines located in California or wherever but with a timezone such as EST OR Europe more suitable to them.

          I'm pretty sure there are no rules saying a server has to be set to the timezone it is physically located in and it's not difficult to do and would bring in extra revenue, I would buy VIP for example every month on a EST or Europe servers as I did on the original until I gave up due to them completely overloading it but I won't spend a penny on west coast servers when I can't enter guild battles. It would lead to slightly increased latency if not located locally but it's like 10 to 20ms extra and those elsewhere trying to play the current servers they still have that now anyway, I find the current west coast servers completely playable from the UK latency wise, it is event timings that are the problem.

          I'd prefer a Europe server but EST is playable given I tend to stay up until about 1am anyway, if for some reason they don't want to change the actual timezone, maybe the don't want Europe or New York claiming they are targetting their citizens or something and claiming jurisdiction in order to put rules on the them then how about west coast servers with different event times, say guild battles/class wars etc at noon or 5pm instead of 8pm, you could maybe call them Morning/Afternoon/Evening west coast servers or something in order to avoid actually giving them different timezones.

          Jurisdictional issues seem unlikely to be the reason they seem to be refusing to have EST or European servers, cost seem to me to be the most logical reason for only having servers in a single timezone, presumably because they don't have physical servers in Europe or the East coast and don't want to use an external provider, given the low number of players at proficient servers it seems likely they want the minimum cost possible so just keep the servers were they actually are and change the timezone setting for them and you'd get much more revenue from players elsewhere that will be able to play properly then.


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            they only need 1 whale to pay for the cost but not even opening 1 server to catch the whale seems like a terrible buisness model .when looking at the past of wartune or these ptw games shows they will absolutely land 1 or more...hell I already put it out there I have cash ready to burn no whale but 10 of me would pay their expenses to. just weird to test a relaunch of a popular game then not put it out their fully.


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              Hello guys thank you for your suggestions but this game is still very early for R2 only two servers have been released so far, im sure if they continue to be a success we can throw ideas towards developers. I'm also from the united kingdom trust me I would want these servers to :P