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Changes to Events/Timeszones/ other stuff

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  • Changes to Events/Timeszones/ other stuff

    Hi, i know this has been posted before to a degree to ask for other timezone servers and whatnot but id like to add a few things to this in general out of my perspective on a +9H base to the current server times.
    Due to the diff timezone there are certain events i and maybe many others are unable to partake in, with the main one being Guild Battles, these are very important as to the fact they are a large contributor to the Insignia you can earn on a daily/ weekly base.
    Now as some1 who cannot enter these Guild Battles as they happen at 5AM in the morning. i lose those insignias. and am now left with only 2 main other places. Battle grounds and Group arena
    these leave one with very little rewards, from a battle ground u either get 30 or 80 insignias depending on a loss or win and u can only earn them twice a day so thats between 60-110-160 insignias there depending on winning/losing.
    Next is Group Arena this gives 10 or 30 depending on loss or win. so thats a minimal of 150 or a max of 450 a day. adding the bprevious together that be a minimal of 210 to 610 inisginias a day. this is very little this would weekly be a 1470 - 4.270 insignias a week.
    Now i personally am not a high BR player yet so i on majority lose all my Group Arena battles and usually sit on the low end of rewards. meaning i dont get that many at all. some days i dont even get all my Group Arena battles at all. because of a issue i have with Group Arena is i cant go into it alone. i have to be with 2 other people and alot of the time i cant get people to join me because of the low populations on these servers. and with the high costs of shards for legendary gear it can take half a week or a week or more depending on what shard ur trying to get to buy them. and with higher gears needing more shards each time. it is an almost undoable task. especially if you want to purchase a medallion weekly too. so i request on that front you as a team either stop opening more US West Servers and focus on the few you do have to make them work with the low populations. or open atleast 1 EU and 1 Oceania server. for people to go to in order for them to managably do events that are so required. if not opening new server even just 1 on those timezones. edit the rewards for Batllegrounds to be more preff x10. or make it so you can start Group Arena solo to make it a little easier to get some rewards at all., or for someone like me from EU itll be a several years work dream to even get our 70 legendary let alone how long to reach even the 80 legendary gear.

    With regards a long time player of Old Wartune and a big fan of this game.